Documentaries About Gambling

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Documentaries About Gambling Great stories exist everywhere, and documentaries are a great way to capture them, while both educating audiences and allowing them to take in a slice of life … Read More

Garon CockrellDocumentaries About Gambling

Top 5 Music-Themed Slots

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Top 5 Music-Themed Slots The online gambling industry has sought many different ways in which to market its products to a wider audience, from partnering-up with famous sports persons to … Read More

Garon CockrellTop 5 Music-Themed Slots

9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed

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9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed Popular movies inspire artists, software developers who create slots for ChanCasino, and Instagram influencers. They take photos where these movies were filmed, and … Read More

Garon Cockrell9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed

The Best Tiffany Haddish Movies

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The Best Tiffany Haddish Movies Tiffany Haddish is one of the best female comedians in the entertainment industry right now and she has a number of awards to show for … Read More

Garon CockrellThe Best Tiffany Haddish Movies

Worst Ever Netflix Original Shows

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Worst Ever Netflix Original Shows Who doesn’t love Netflix? The online streaming service has become a household name and it’s for a good reason. For one, you are able to … Read More

Garon CockrellWorst Ever Netflix Original Shows

Blu-Ray Review: The Reckoning

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The Reckoning Written by: Neil Marshall, Charlotte Kirk, and Edward Evers-Swindell Based on “Red Hex” by Antony Jones & Edward Evers-Swindell Directed by: Neil. Marshall Starring: Charlotte Kirk, Sean Pertree, & … Read More

Garon CockrellBlu-Ray Review: The Reckoning