Get Your Claws On A Pop Culture Beast T-Shirt!

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  Interested in owning one of the Kickstarter Pop Culture Beast T-shirts? We have a limited number currently available! Email if you want one! $20 +$5 shipping ($15 international) We have a very limited amount so act fast!

Garon CockrellGet Your Claws On A Pop Culture Beast T-Shirt!

Zachary Quinto to narrate new Scalzi novella

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(Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images; Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for LA Times)   Two things that’ll go great together: Zachary Quinto’s voice and acting skills + a brand new novella by science fiction powerhouse John Scalzi. It’s called The Dispatcher. Scalzi wrote the novella as an Audible exclusive, and the pre-order on Audible (until November 3rd) is FREE. The Publisher’s Summary reads: “Zachary … Read More

JL JamiesonZachary Quinto to narrate new Scalzi novella

Book: The Evil Wizard Smallbone (Delia Sherman)

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evil wizard smallbone featured

The Evil Wizard Smallbone Delia Sherman Candlewick Press September 13th Nick runs away from his abusive uncle in the middle of the winter in Maine. It’s pretty cold, and his last begged meal was just a bit too long ago. He stumbles on a ramshackle house; it says it’s the Evil Wizard Bookstore. The old man inside gives him food … Read More

JL JamiesonBook: The Evil Wizard Smallbone (Delia Sherman)

Necrotech (K.C. Alexander)

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necrotech featured

Necrotech K.C. Alexander Angry Robot Books September 6, 2016 Riko wakes up on a slab with no idea how she got there. Looking around, it’s obvious she’s in a biotech chop shop, and she was left for dead. Half her tech is turned off, and the ammo slot in her arm is empty. When she tries to make a break … Read More

JL JamiesonNecrotech (K.C. Alexander)

DVD Review: All Things Must Pass

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All Things Must Pass

As a music fan, I find the demise of record and CD stores troubling, to say the least. These stores aren’t just great sources of music, but also places where music fans can meet and learn from each other about bands, share information in a truly social way (so-called “social media” are not actually social). These stores are about community … Read More

Michael DohertyDVD Review: All Things Must Pass

CD Review: Pansy Division: “Quite Contrary”

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Pansy Division

I first got turned onto Pansy Division in 1993 or 1994, when I was in college. I worked at KWVA, and the band’s first disc was in the stacks there, and song titles like “Femme In A Black Leather Jacket” and “The Cocksucker Club” made me curious. So I listened to several tracks, and I loved what I heard. And … Read More

Michael DohertyCD Review: Pansy Division: “Quite Contrary”

#FantasticFest2016 – Second Wave of Films Announced!!! – UPDATED WITH PHOTOS!!

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Fantastic Fest announced its second wave of titles today and this is shaping up to be an incredible year! I can’t believe the roster of directors in this list, Ana Lily Amirpour, Paul Schrader, Park Chan-Wook, Paul Verhoeven, and so many more! As a long time Ringo/Ju-on fan, I can’t wait to see SADAKO VS KAYAKO on the big screen. They also announced Arrival … Read More

Adam Ruhl#FantasticFest2016 – Second Wave of Films Announced!!! – UPDATED WITH PHOTOS!!

Hall & Oates, Live in Cincinnati

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Unlike many ‘70s-era groups, Hall & Oates very much moved with the times. Even before there was any place to show them, they were making videos. And while never fully comfortable with the medium, it helped propel them to massive success in the 1980s. Well, that and an arsenal of incredible songs. Even though they haven’t been in the top … Read More

PF WilsonHall & Oates, Live in Cincinnati

Film Review: Hell Town

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Hell Town

Hell Town is a strange and utterly delightful horror comedy, in which Debbie Rochon as herself plays the host of a late-night television program, Twisted Classic Television, which has uncovered episodes of a television series titled Hell Town. She tells us that the first and third seasons of the series were completely destroyed in a fire, and that only three … Read More

Michael DohertyFilm Review: Hell Town

Film Review: WEINER

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Few political sex scandals have burned as bright as Anthony Weiner’s infamous sexting improprieties, wherein (among other things) the former Congressman accidentally tweeted—to thousands of followers and constituents—a picture of his engorged John Thomas, clad in the thin fabric of his grey boxer briefs. It truly was the Haley’s Comet of embarrassing political scandals. Weiner, the new documentary from Josh … Read More

Craig SchroederFilm Review: WEINER

Film Review: Woody Allen’s new film CAFÉ SOCIETY

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A star-studded cast, visually striking 1930s Hollywood setting, adulterous scandals, unrequited love, gangsters, glamour, and perhaps the most prolific filmmaker of our time; this should be a formula for another hit for writer/director Woody Allen. Unfortunately, Café Society joins an exclusive club of Allen’s more stale works. As Allen’s first wide release since 2003’s box office flop Anything Else, Amazon … Read More

Zander MasseyFilm Review: Woody Allen’s new film CAFÉ SOCIETY

Book: Fix (Ferrett Steinmetz)

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fix featured

Fix Ferrett Steinmetz Angry Robot September 6th, 2016 Aliyah Tsabo-Dawson just wants to be a 13 year old kid. Unfortunately, she’s a Videogamemancer, and her and her family are perpetually on the run from the government backed agency SMASH–an anti-‘mancer force that captures and enslaves rogue ‘mancers, turning them into Unimancers. Aliyah convinces her parents to let her play soccer … Read More

JL JamiesonBook: Fix (Ferrett Steinmetz)

What’s out on Blu-ray 8/23/2016: Lake Nowhere, Psycho IV, Der Bunker

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Lake Nowhere A group of people go out to a cabin in the woods for the weekend to drink, do drugs, and have sex. Out in the woods, a maniac monster waits to pick them off one by one in creative ways. I know, sounds like every 80’s slasher you ever saw; well that is exactly the point of this … Read More

Adam RuhlWhat’s out on Blu-ray 8/23/2016: Lake Nowhere, Psycho IV, Der Bunker

Album Review: “An Evening with Todd Rundgren: Live at the Ridgefield”

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An Evening with Todd Rundgren: Live at the Ridgefield is a document of Rundgren’s most recent concert tour, which Pat Francis praised on this very site a few months ago. Live at the Ridgefield offers up a career-spanning set that stretches back to the rocker’s ’60s tenure with Nazz and reaches forward, in its more expanded editions, to include a song from Rundgren’s 2015 album Global. … Read More

Justin RemerAlbum Review: “An Evening with Todd Rundgren: Live at the Ridgefield”

Book: Elite (Mercedes Lackey)

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elite featured

Elite (Hunter #2) Mercedes Lackey Disney Hyperion September 6th, 2016 Next in the Hunter series and follow up to first book Hunter, Elite follows Joy in the aftermath of the conspiracy she uncovered, and the death of her friend. Joy has received a new assignment from her uncle, to patrol the sewers beneath Apex Central. More Othersiders have been found … Read More

JL JamiesonBook: Elite (Mercedes Lackey)