5 Best Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

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The life of gamers is unpredictable, traveling around the world to compete in tournaments and yet
there is no income unless you win the tournament. With a PA lottery bonus code for instance, did
you know you can get an amazing welcome bonus?

So, making money being a gamer can be tough, however, the same is not the case if you wish to
earn some money playing video games. The best part? You mustn’t necessarily be a professional
gamer to make money playing video games!

Let’s go through a few ways using which people are earning just by playing video games.

5 Ways Video Games Can Help You Pay Bills

If you wish to make a career out of playing video games, this is where you’ll find out how. These are
some of the techniques with the help of which individuals can generate significant revenue (over

1. Stream your Games

There are several online video streamers with income more than people who work nine hours a day
and have to travel to work every day, without leaving their home. How do they do it?
For sure, you’ve heard of PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTuber earns an average of at least $4,00,000
dollars a month, simply by posting videos (many of which are related to video games and
commentating about the game). The success doesn’t come instantly, however, with time (and good
content) you are bound to earn more than average.

2. Become a Gaming Guide

These guides are responsible to record walkthroughs or step by step executions of games, so if you
are confident with your gaming skills you can earn a lot of cash by becoming a professional gaming
and walkthrough guide. Even though walkthroughs spoil the actual fun of playing a game, the
market for such content is huge.

3. Game Testing

Yes, it’s real, big companies like Sony, Capcom, and so on pay gamers to test developing levels and
games over and over again and report any bugs or glitches the game may have. This prevents them
from releasing a game that has any glitch which is important for any developer.

4. Video Game Farming

A popular example would be Clash of Clans, where gamers go through a lot of trouble to reach the
maximum base level in the game and then sell these accounts to people who wish to buy it. Believe
it or not, there is a huge market out there for such farmed games. Another popular method to earn
money like that is by exchanging gaming currency (not unlike trading real money) at rates higher
than normal rates.

5. Game Developing

This may not be an option for beginners and people with no coding experience, but with time,
gamers can learn the working of codes and develop games of their own to apply as game developers
in a firm. For this, if you have prior experience as a game tester then you may get paid more.

If gaming is your passion and you wish to make money playing video games, then these are the best
options which can help you monetize and pursue your passion at the same time.

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Pop Culture Beast5 Best Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games