AEW Recap; Dynamite – November 27, 2019

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Chris Jericho

Chicago is a popular place lately, and tonight we’re LIVE from the Windy City for Chris Jericho’s Thank You Celebration. Speaking of celebrations, it’s Thanksgiving time! Let’s have some fun with this week’s recap and assign each segment its counterpart traditional Thanksgiving food item. What do you say? I thought it was a great idea too.

Jericho Thank You Celebration

Chris Jericho

Le Champion starts the show to allow the world to give thanks. (Photo:

This has the makings of a segment that may be talked about for a long time, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Soul Train Jones (aka Virgil) starts the party, and introduces Le Champion who is played to the ring by a marching band. After a few words, Jericho introduces the Inner Circle who presents Chris Jericho with a variety of gifts, including his dad in a box. Okay. Then Justin Roberts is brought into the ring to pander to the hometown crowd before being beatdown. This draws the ire of three of the marching band members, who turn out to be SCU. Oh yeah, this is a wrestling show and Scorpio Sky has a title match later.

I’d love to say this was an amazing appetizer platter, but folks, this was at best some warm carrots and celery with ranch. Hopefully our first match of the evening (at about 20 minutes into the show) can redeem This Is Your Jericho.

Best Friends vs. Lucha Bros

JR introduces a fan who apparently won a chance to do commentary from State Farm? They are really taking advantage of the holiday weekend to do some weird stuff tonight. Best Friends are accompanied by Orange Cassidy in a turkey costume. Before any wackiness can occur, Lucha Bros attack, but the Orange Turkey drops the Bros with the Flying Gobble off the top rope. Trent and Fenix start the match but Trent is quickly overpowered, especially after a double superkick.

During a break, it was all Lucha Bros beating down Trent. Our fan friend sounds like he’s half awake. Maybe he ate a bunch of turkey before the show. 

Chuck finally gets the hot tag and tries to get his team in control, but it doesn’t take long for the Bros to get back in charge. Trent comes back in and gets some more beating for his trouble. JR slips and calls Trent “Taven” (possible spoiler?) but there’s no time to worry about that, as Trent sneaks the Crunchy on Pentagon for the surprise three count. Marco the fan is overcome with shock. Or maybe he’s asleep.

This match was good but didn’t have a ton of substance. Let’s call this one the green bean casserole.

We get a rundown of the women’s rankings. I do like this element with records determining the contenders.

Bea Priestley/Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida/Kris Statlander

Uh oh. JR throws an “oriental” out there as Emi Sakura makes her way to the ring. He tries to cover it, but I can’t imagine that doesn’t get some backlash. Anyway, Statlander is debuting with the current top contender and she starts the match, showing some impressive skills, including a ring apron standing moonsault. Shida is brought in and tries to use a steel chair as a springboard on the outside, but Sakura takes a seat and has a spot of tea. Fun spot. Commercial break, and time for someone to likely scold JR a bit.

Or maybe not, as just minutes after they return, JR decides to speak about how the fans still connect with these Asian women even though they don’t speak English very well. Sigh. Don’t tell me Tony Schiavone is the strong link on this show? He’s out one week and this happens.

Shida tags Statlander back in and the powerful youngster makes a good showing for herself, but Shida helps Kris get the advantage, a modified electric chair and scissor kick get a near fall, and Sakura uses the mic stand as a weapon, allowing her to roll the newcomer up for the win.

Moxley is on video making another challenge. I was hoping to see a Darby Allin feud, but it appears that was a one-off.

Cody vs. Matt Knicks

The fans apparently love Matt Knicks. Excalibur explains why Cody is still ranked even though he has promised never to challenge for the title. JR dismisses that logical point as “overthinking” things.

Cody gets a quick submission victory, and takes the mic to address MJF, but is attacked by a mysterious trio who emerge from the ring. The Butcher and the Blade drop Cody then they are joined by the Bunny, Allie.

This segment was probably supposed to be a lot more exciting than the result. Yams, y’all.

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

This is a rematch from All Out which happened in the same arena. Omega was put out with the Brutalizer so this is a chance to even the record and move up the rankings.

Kenny starts strong with plenty of offense against PAC. When Omega tries to hit a Snapdragon Suplex from the ring apron, PAC fights him off and flies from the top rope with a moonsault to the floor.

PAC keeps control through the commercial, and we return to a slugfest. Kenny gets the better of it, and takes control for a moment, but PAC comes back and takes Omega to the top rope for an Avalanche Falcon Arrow for two. He misses the Black Arrow which allows Kenny to get the V Trigger, and although PAC countered the One Winged Angel, Omega rolled him up for the victory.

This was solid and reliable from these two. Let’s call this the traditional turkey, cooked to perfection.

We get a recap of the Dynamite Dozen battle royal from last week, which saw MJF sneak his way to the final two, setting up tonight’s match for the fancy diamond ring.

MJF vs. Hangman Page

Maxwell is accompanied by Wardlow. Page comes out fast and tries to get one up on MJF, but Wardlow’s presence distracted him just enough for MJF to get the advantage during the commercial.

Not long after we return, Page turns the tables and takes MJF to the outside, hitting a HUGE moonsault to the floor that seems to hurt the big man’s arm which MJF had been weakening. See, Page uses the Lariat and now his arm is damaged. That’s called match psychology.

Unfortunately, just minutes later Page hits the Buckshot Lariat with no ill effects. Nevermind I guess?

After some Wardlow interference, MJF hits a less-than-perfect Cross Rhodes to win the Dynamite Diamond.

DDP is here, appropriately, to present the Diamond. Maxwell accepts the ring, but Page has some words of disappointment for the young man. He says he will be the bigger man and extends his hand. MJF responds with his chewed gum. DDP is about to go off, when Wardlow intervenes. Officials are here to keep this from breaking down.

This segment was definitely the stuffing. A whole lot of ingredients, some of which were delicious, but some just didn’t need to be there. I’m looking at you, raisins.

Back from break and Dustin is in the ring to talk to Jake Hager. Dustin wants Hager’s blood, and the Inner Circle responds. Guevara, Santana and Ortiz beat down the Natural, but the Bucks come out to assist.

Let’s hear some more propaganda from the Dark Order. It sure looks like the Dark Order has plenty of followers. Good for them! This stuff looks more like a USA series.

Time for our main event title match!

Scorpio Sky vs. Chris Jericho – AEW World Championship

SCU and the Inner Circle are banned from ringside so I’m sure that means some or all of them will appear eventually.

Scorpio is able to withstand some initial power from Jericho and is able to get the champ on his heels. However, Jericho gets a quick dropkick to send Sky to the outside. During a break, Jericho delivers some punishment but Sky withstands it and is able to deliver a Springboard Cutter for a two count.

A missed flying dropkick allows Jericho to put on the Walls of Jericho, but Scorpio can get to the bottom rope. 

When Sky gets a bit of momentum, Jake Hager shows up. Um, he’s not supposed to be there. Now SCU come down which draws Aubrey Edwards outside. This leaves Jericho to try to nail Sky with the belt, but he reverses into a TKO which nearly gets a three count. Sky hesitates after the near fall. Jericho is able to recover for a moment, but Sky comes back with a backslide and attempts an enziguri but Jericho catches the foot and turns it into the Walls for the submission. 

Jericho puts the Walls back on Sky and Moxley’s music hits. Jon appears in the crowd and stares down Jericho to end the show.

The match was predictable but still enjoyable. I’m good with calling it the pumpkin pie.

Okay, now I’m hungry. Bring on the feast! Have a great Thanksgiving all!


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Rob HinesAEW Recap; Dynamite – November 27, 2019