AEW Recap: Dynamite – October 23, 2019

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AND WE’RE OFF! Private Party and the Lucha Bros. are already in the ring for their Tag Team Championship semifinal match. JR tells us we’re LIVE in Pittsburgh! I’ll be good and refrain from Steelers smack talk. Maybe.

Fenix and Pentagon take another step closer to the AEW Tag Team Championship.

Private Party vs. Lucha Bros.

Fenix and Pentagon control things early against Marq Quen. Once he gets the tag to Isiah Kassidy, the Party is able to do some damage, nearly taking the match after a 450 splash from Marq Quen. Pentagon is able to recover and the Bros respond. Fenix nails a vicious double stomp to the back of Quen’s head. They continue to throw everything at the Party including an impressive sky high moonsault from Fenix and a Northern Lights driver from Pentagon. Quen eventually gets the hot tag to Kassidy and the Party has some life as Isiah takes on both of the Bros. A sweet springboard crucifix on Fenix only gets two.
Quen and Kassidy attempt some double team moves, but Quen looks rather blown up. Private Party manages to hit Gin and Juice on Fenix, but it does them no good as Pentagon in the legal man. They try the move on Pentagon and he counters into a Canadian Destroyer. Fenix runs the ropes to kick Quen in the face so Pentagon can deliver the armbreaker which leads to a double stomp/pile driver combo and a win for the Lucha Bros.
A fun match as the Luchas looked amazing and Private Party did a good job keeping up. They have some work to do but the youngsters definitely can hang.
Vignette time: We should know that Wardlow is coming. Now we do.
SCU Update: Christopher Daniels is recovering at home but the semifinals are here, so Scorpio Sky and Kazarian are ready to compete.
SCU vs. Dark Order
Evil Uno and Stu Grayson enter the arena with their minions. This act is certainly original, I’ll give them that. The Dark Order take control early until SCU is able to mount some offense. That continues until Evil Uno does some shenanigans on the outside. This match is a LOT different than our first semifinal.
After a commercial break, the crowd sees Jericho and his Inner Circle walking through the crowd with tickets. They make their way to a suite (of course) where they will surely enjoy some bubbly.
Oh yeah, a match is happening everybody. Now SCU is dealing damage as Kazarian gets a two count with a Northern Lights/bridge pin on both members of Dark Order. But the momentum shifts back to the Order. Sky tries to fight them both off but finds himself dropped by Evil Uno. They set Sky up for the Fatality but SCU counters and Sky is able to throw Grayson into a Kazarian knee for the victory. The finals are set and the Lucha Bros will meet their arch rivals SCU next week. Convenient, isn’t it?
During the break, Joey Janela enters the arena. The AEW Dark mainstay is on the big show this week.
Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega
We see a clip of Kenny Omega winning the AAA Mega Championship over Fenix recently. That title is not on the line tonight, though. It would be nice to see those other titles show up here from time to time.
As the favorite, Kenny is delivering most of the offense but Joey is able to get a bit of a flurry going. Omega comes back with two wicked snap dragon suplexes that look downright dangerous. Janela recovers and delivers a German suplex then a top rope elbow. Some ill-timed taunts led to Omega coming back and delivering a Nakamura-esque knee strike. I have a feeling Shinsuke may be watching this somewhere and doing a lot of thinking.
The men exchange kicks before Janela catches Omega in a brainbuster then turns Kenny inside out with a lariat. Janela tries to hit a senton on Omega on the ring apron but Omega evades it and finishes the Bad Boy with the V Trigger running knee and the One Winged Angel.
Cody Interview
Tony is in the ring to talk to Cody as Chris Jericho looks on from his suite. Cody has an announcement it seems, but the Inner Circle has air horns. But the air horns start to lose steam. Fortunately, Jericho has a mic. Cody takes some shots at Vince as he threatens to go after the champ.
Jericho calls Cody an entitled millennial bitch. Damn. Cody is preparing to head upstairs when Dustin enters the arena. Jericho reminds them they still are at a disadvantage. MJF is in the house to stand with the Rhoades boys. In a pretty funny moment, Jericho tears down MJF for wearing a scarf. It’s still 3 on 4 though. BUT WAIT! It’s him, it’s him, it’s DDP! Cody’s boys head upstairs and Jericho locks the box. No matter, Cody uses MJF’s scarf to punch the glass and drags Jericho out for a beating.
It’s chaos in the concessions!!! JR laments the destruction of Dippin Dots!
As the group is separated, Jericho holds his ticket up defiantly. He is such an amazing heel and this angle is elevating not just the PPV match, but also Guevara, Santana/Ortiz, and maybe MJF, depending on how they play his alliance out.
During the commercial, we watch the Inner Circle hang out in the concourse with Jericho and his precious ticket. In the arena, the Best Friends are making their entrance with Orange Cassidy.
After the break, the Young Bucks are introduced for this match.
Young Bucks vs. Best Friends
Orange Cassidy delivers his kicks to the Young Bucks, and they respond with a Superkick Party to send him out of the ring.
Matt starts the match and does a number on the Friends, and brings Nick in to keep the offense going. Trent and Chuck are able to catch Nick outside of the ring with a Doomsday Knee to change the momentum.
We come back from a break as Nick is back on offense and attempts a 450 splash. Trent avoids it and hits a German suplex and he’s able to hit another on Matt. Chuck gets the tag and delivers release belly-to-belly suplexes on both Bucks. He continues to handle both brothers and nearly wins with a Falcon Arrow. Matt catches him on the top rope but Trent sneaks into the situation to deliver a top rope German suplex.
The Best Friends get the crowd going with a hug as Orange Cassidy dives on the Bucks with his patented no hands crossbody. The Friends hit Strong Zero on Matt, but Nick is able to stop the three count. Trent tags in Chuck and they try another Doomsday Knee, but Matt lands on his feet and the Bucks give the Friends a Superkick Party. Matt launches himself onto Trent and Orange then joins Nick to deliver a forward roll/450 splash/moonsault combo to get the win.
Not a terrible match, but a little spot heavy. After the match, the Bucks accept the challenge from Santana and Ortiz for Full Gear.
A video package shows us that Dr. Britt Baker is from Pittsburgh and she’s in action right now!
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter
Ms. Hayter is quite feisty. It would appear she has chosen Bengals colors in her hair to take on the Pittsburgh native. Dr. Baker has the Steelers mascot with her and a Terrible Towel. As a diehard Bengals fan, I’ll try to forgive this display, but I’m definitely rooting for Hayter.
The heel dominates early but eventually the hometown dentist turns the tide and defeats Hayter with the Lockjaw.
Backstage Jamie Hayter has a few words, literally, as Brandi attacks Hayter before doing some weird mind trick on Jenn Decker and storming away. No time to figure that out though, as it’s time for our main event!
PAC vs. Jon Moxley
PAC attacks Moxley before he even gets to the ring. Officials check on Jon to see if he can continue, but he rushes the ring to start the match. PAC keeps dishing out punishment as the announcers question Moxley’s well-being. Jon finds the strength to deliver some kicks, but PAC comes back and stays on in control.
With five minutes of TV time remaining, Moxley catches PAC with a Black Hole Slam and takes over for a bit until PAC is able to counter Jon into a top rope Falcon Arrow. PAC sends Moxley to the outside and hits a 450 splash from the ring apron to the floor. He rolls the limp body of Moxley into the ring and attempts a twisting shooting star but misses. One minute remaining of TV time! Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift but it’s not enough to beat the clock. We have a draw. And the crowd hates it (as they should). Moxley is so peeved he gives the Paradigm Shift to the ref.
That was a strange choice, and a risky one after recent events in that OTHER company. When the other guys basically kill two characters with a no contest main event, it may not have been a wise decision to do the same thing on your fourth episode. We shall see if there is any fallout from the draw going forward.
Until next week!
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Rob HinesAEW Recap: Dynamite – October 23, 2019