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Eternity: The Movie is a send up 80’s music duos like Hall and Oates. It’s a comedy origin story documenting the rise and fall of the fictional band Eternity and its best friend members BJ and Todd. Right off the bat, Eternity captures the feel of a California 80’s movie. The clothing is loud, the cars are boxy, and the art is Patrick Nagel. Director Ian Thorpe has a blast, stuffing in every absurd trend from the era he can fit. This includes a number of well-known actors from the period like Eric Roberts and Martin Kove.

B.J. (Myko Olivier) and Todd (Barrett Crake) meet as two struggling musicians in 1980’s Los Angeles while working in the same clothing store. They later become roommates and collaborators; launching their band Eternity to stardom. As with any good 80’s rock story, fame and jealousy eventually conspire to tear down everything they built.

They’re so close and their clothing so pink that most of the people around them mistake them for a couple. The comedy in Eternity mostly comes from an endless series of puns and double entendres , all seemingly indicating they regularly have sex with each other. Eventually other characters are just out rightly saying they’re in love with each other and don’t know it yet; leaving the audience in suspense as to whether or not they’ll hook up in the end (no I’m not going to tell, you’ll have to see it).

Eternity: The Movie was a great time and its humor reminded me of some other send ups like the Brady Bunch movies (some of the best moments feel unscripted, suggesting the actors were given the ability to play with their characters a lot). With a lot of great laughs, this is one not to miss.


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Adam Ruhl@agliff Film Review – Eternity: The Movie @EternityTweets