#agliff Film Review – Floating Skyscrapers

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The second day of aGLIFF has brought a polish film from director Tomasz Wasilewski. It follows Kuba, a young man in Poland who still lives with his mother and his girlfriend, and is training as a professional swimmer. One night at an art show he meets another young man and a friendship very quickly turns into a romance. This is much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, who is desperate to keep him and his mother, who doesn’t want the girlfriend living in the house in the first place.

I found Kuba inherently unsympathetic. In spite of his aspirations of true love he comes off as essentially a cheater and coward. We’re supposed to relate to his confusion and his struggle with his sexual identity but he effectively lies to everyone and shows no remorse for the destruction he causes in the lives of those close to him.

The plot is otherwise familiar to those who have seen a lot of the coming out sub genre of gay film. The real show is Kuba himself. Being a swimmer, the character is either training or in bed most of the film. A lot of pool and locker room scenes; Kuba is either fully nude or shirtless 98% of the time. Actor Mateusz Banasiuk has an amazing body that gets plenty of screen time. We also are treated to no less than three on-screen Kuba orgasms (though typically only his face is shown during).

Floating Skyscrapers is entertaining if you go in with the right expectations. Expect the expected and enjoy the view and this film is a pretty good show.


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Adam Ruhl#agliff Film Review – Floating Skyscrapers