#aGLIFF30 Film Review – Clambake

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No, it’s not just a vivid euphemism: Clambake is director Andrea Meyerson’s effort to document, promote, and honor the Clambake reviewProvincetown, Massachusetts Women’s Week Festival (http://www.womensweekprovincetown.com/) which was the brainchild of a savvy group of lesbian innkeepers that came together at a clambake in 1985, hoping to create a safe place for women to gather, celebrate, and normalize the LGBT experience. Those innkeepers serve as a jumping-off point for a documentary that explores this historical and isolated town (it has been a secret gay escape since the 1930s) and gives a platform for the entertainers and businesses that are at the heart of the contemporary event that takes place in October, extending the city’s economic bustle well beyond the warm tourist season.

Meyerson has collected interviews from an eclectic sampling of subjects ranging from local government workers, business owners, comedians, musicians, artists, and vacationers – even the most stoic of which beamed with enthusiasm for this unique yearly event. The focus of the film is broad and loosely structured – more of a travelogue than a thesis – but the elation of these women is contagious and I couldn’t help but to be charmed by this little film.


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David Massey#aGLIFF30 Film Review – Clambake