Album Review: Land of Astronauts

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Land of Astronauts

Land of Astronauts

The latest project from Marks Records is Land of Astronauts, a 5 track independent rock EP.

Fist off, how awesome is that album artwork?! It’s so cool and the typeface is great! Alright, on to the music itself…

I had never heard of Marks Records, but I was incredibly intrigued by this 5 track EP. For a new album in 2016, it has a lot of 70s soul and 80s classic rock sounds. It is very cohesive and flows great even though each track has a different sound. I can’t put my finger on what artist this reminds me of, but it has that throwback sound with a modern day twist. Dare I say… it’s outta this world!

Here is the awesome music video for the second track from the EP Caveman:


I would recommend this to anyone who like the funk and soul of 70s classics. It’s a relief to hear new music that isn’t muddled with autotune and synthesized sounds. You can hear every instrument on each track and everything sounds crystal clear.

Just listen to the funky guitar shredding on the third track Only One Street in the City:


Land of Astronauts is a blast and a solid EP. I’m excited for what Marks Records will release next and I’ll definitely keep him on my radar. I cannot stress how great this EP is and for a limited time it’s only $3.99 on iTunes. That’s the price of a coffee! Shell out some dough for this independent creator and support great original music!


Check out Marks Records on VineTwitter, Soundcloud, and


Land of Astronauts can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play and available for streaming on Spotify.


Marks Records Land of Astronauts is a solid 10 out of 10 Stars!



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Kyle DodsonAlbum Review: Land of Astronauts