Apple Announces iPhone 6, Its Plan To Kill Your Wallet, and a Watch!

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Today, the internet held its breath (not just from the terrible live streaming) as Apple announced it’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 and also the larger iPhone 6 Plus!

Some quick stats include a better chip, better camera, better battery life, better pretty much everything that my brain doesn’t quite grasp except that it looks pretty and that I want it immediately.

What you really want to know is the money right?

iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display will start you at $199 for 16gb, and end at $399 for the newly minted 128 GB sizes. The 6 Plus features a 5.5 inch screen and starts and ends $100 higher.

The color choices are the same as the current 5 models but they are also offering some new cases in several colors.

Keep in mind these prices are with a standard 2-year contract. So if you aren’t going for a contract, your cost will be significantly higher.

The iPhones will arrive in stores on 9/19!

Apple also took today to announce its new payment system, Apple Pay, which allows you to use your credit cards right from your phone. Private, secure, and with the intention of putting your wallet six feet under, it seems ambitious. They claim that no personal information need be given to either cashier or to apple and that privacy is a big part of the system.

The program will work with the current iPhones and with their final announcement the Apple Watch.


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3 versions (each probably way more expense than the last) with a plethora of features that I don’t really see the point of. You can send your heartbeat to someone. It looks cool, but it does’t work without an iPhone so all of those nifty maps and fitness features it offers? You have to have your iPhone nearby for them to work.

It seems like a really high price tag (starting at $350) for something that doesn’t seem to be all that necessary. I could be wrong. Maybe once it gets out to devs we’ll see some amazing stuff come of it.

What do you guys think of the announcements? Are you jumping on the Watch Wagon?


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Garon CockrellApple Announces iPhone 6, Its Plan To Kill Your Wallet, and a Watch!