The Best Tech Toys For The Christmas Stocking

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New toys are always a blast. There’s nothing better than unwrapping a Christmas present tightly sealed with a bow and addressed to you. The toys of today will bring out anyone’s inner child.

Boys will be boys and sometimes grown men even need an injection of playful gifts to hype up their Christmas spirit. The kind of technology available today has given toys a new spin, futuristic type robots and smart phone controlled toys have created a new era in playtime.

With Christmas 2017 around the corner, there are a lot of options to consider when shopping for the perfect Christmas gift. The following toys are the best tech presents of 2017 and you don’t even need to hit the jackpot at an online casino NZ dollars to be able to put these under the tree.

Buy It, Love It, Hatch It

Hatchimals were the buzz last Christmas, this year the toy is back with double the bang. If you’ve been living under a rock; Hatchimals are eggs that have to be taken care of so that the egg eventually hatches to reveal an animatronics’ like creature.

The new improved Hatchimals egg doesn’t just reveal one animal but two. It’s like a life like Tamagotchi that needs to be hatched and taken care of. It’s the perfect stocking filler for kids this Christmas 2017.

Racing Gone Virtually Insane

Forget about Scale Electric cars, the Anki Overdrive system adds a new realm to racing on the track and virtually as well. This Christmas 2017 you can get your hands on the Fast and Furious versions of their cars.

Users control the cars line and speed through a nifty app. The cars hurdle down the track at death defying speeds, all while players can launch virtual mines and missiles at their opponents to slow them down and take charge of the finishing flag.

Rediscover The Stars With BB-8 Hero Droid

Star Wars fans will immediately be drawn to the new redesigned BB-8 Hero Droid. The new remote controlled droid has been built to a lifelike 16-inch scale and moves just like the original BB-8 from Star Wars.

It’s packed with nifty features too; you can set the BB-8 to do all sorts of unique and crafty things. Set it on Follow Me mode and the droid will follow you rolling by your side, voice commands get it to move around more freely, directly interacting with its environment and if you want direct control over your BB-8, the unit comes complete with a remote control.

Technology Meets Engineering With Mecca Spider

The Meccano Mecca Spider is every LEGO builder’s dream come true. Meccano is a brand that is starting to make waves in the innovation toy space. You build a spider from various parts and then on board controls as well as an app, which allows you to control what you’ve built.

The spider moves in a lifelike way too, creepy crawly legs and aesthetics make for a toy to keep your building dreams entertained and in check.

Battle It Out With The Star Wars Nerf Blaster

Nerf guns continue to keep kids and adults entertained over the holiday season and just about any other day of the week. They offer the excitement of a full on battle with none of the pain. Nerf guns will also get kids away from the PlayStation or XBox for a couple of hours, getting them into some sun and fresh air.

The latest Star Wars Nerf Guns from Hasbro toys offers a selection of guns from popular movie characters. Their unique tech infused characteristics also allow for lights and sounds making the Nerf gun slightly more interactive and entertaining this Christmas 2017.

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Garon CockrellThe Best Tech Toys For The Christmas Stocking