How Bingo Grew to Become on of the most Popular Gaming Genres

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There used to be a time not so long ago when the mention of Bingo conjured up images of elderly ladies socialising with friends at the local community centre or bingo hall. That perception has shifted somewhat as advances in technology have opened the genre to a whole new audience of previous players and new ones. The story of how bingo grew to become one of the most popular gaming genres is a lesson that many other industries would do well to heed, and in this post we’ll take a brief look at the games past, present, and future.

From Bingo Halls to the World Wide Web

It is believed that bingo originated in Italy and from there the game was taken up in France where it was called “Le Lotto” and played by the aristocracy. The game made it to North America in the 1920’s when its name had evolved to “Beano” as players used beans to mark any numbers on their cards that had been called out. Bingo was then discovered at a carnival by an American Toymaker called Edwin Lowe and Intrigued by how popular the game seemed, Lowe set about making his own version, and what we know as bingo today.

By the end of 2016, over 100 million people were now playing the game online and on mobile devices, making Bingo one of the most popular gaming genres out there. There is such a dizzying number of sites that all featuring different themes; prizes, and jackpots that the need for bingo sites reviews are now an important part of the genres eco-system as well. That is a phenomenal upturn for a game with such modest beginnings and those figures show that Bingo is here to stay.

The modern name is believed to have been coined by an excited winner who then proceeded to shout “Bingo” instead of Beano, and it stuck. When Bingo finally made it to British shores in the 60’s it became a hugely popular pastime for many people at the time, and thus a tradition was born. By the time the internet came around, however, many bingo halls had already started seeing fewer punters through their doors and thankfully many operators in the industry took advantage of the new technology t set up websites where people could play.

The Future of Bingo

As mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons why bingo is now such a popular gaming genre is because of the industry’s speed in adopting the internet and mobile technology. By being accessible online and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which are ubiquitous, bingo games were now in the hands of millions of potential players, some of whom now actively pursue the pastime. Now as new technologies such as virtual reality come to the fore, Bingo and other casino games are set for another transformation that will surely cement their status as a gaming genre.

The evolution of bingo from a traditional way to pass the time to becoming one of the most popular gaming genres today is an astonishing one as the brief history above shows. And looking ahead, it seems that bingo is set to ride the wave of technology into mainstream consciousness and status.

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WriterHow Bingo Grew to Become on of the most Popular Gaming Genres