BLACKPINK Las Vegas Date Announcement: Our Wishlist

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Two record setting shows have appeared at Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium in the past year: BTS, selling out four dates as the stadium’s first Korean headliner for Permission to Dance on Stage, and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, selling out her date as the stadium’s first female headliner.

Swift addressed being the first woman to headline during her date. She told Swifties to mark her words — “I will NOT be the last.”

Enter, BLACKPINK Las Vegas.

Fresh off their second Coachella appearance, BLACKPINK is gearing up for their North American Encore dates, which includes stops in New Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and of course, Las Vegas throughout August 2023. This makes them the first girl group, let alone the first Korean girl group, to headline Allegiant Stadium. 

The Gambling Capital of the World pulled out some incredible fanfare for both BTS and Taylor Swift’s appearances in the city, and we can only hope that BLACKPINK gets the same treatment. Follow along to see my hopefuls for the BLACKPINK Encore in Las Vegas.

1.Let the city shine pink — literally.

For both Bangtan and Swift’s dates, their signature colors adorned the city. From the all purple “Borahaegas” to the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign being lit red for Taylor, you could feel the fandom everywhere you looked. Seeing similar lighting in that gorgeous baby pink that we associate with BLACKPINK would look spectacular throughout the city.

2.Official after parties with the girls in attendance.

Both Lisa and Jennie have shown appreciation for the modern EDM scene, with Lisa appearing with DJ Snake in Las Vegas to perform “SG,” and Jennie enjoying a Jacquemas after party in Paris that partnered with EDM promotions giant Boiler Room. The club scene in Las Vegas is monstrous, and the girls would shine being featured alongside area DJs. I could see them visiting Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan to showcase their luxury side, or perhaps the up and coming Area15 district for their more artsy personalities.

3.Collaborations with ice cream shops.

The Era’s Tour brought us Taylor Swift donuts, Permission to Dance on Stage delivered Korean BBQ — I think BLACKPINK’s aesthetics would mesh well with an ice cream collaboration. Somewhere like Black Tap in the Venetian could easily make a gorgeous, pink “freakshake” reminiscent of the adorable “Ice Cream” music video.

4.Planned luxury store appearances.

Does anyone remember the DASH boutiques that the Kardashian sisters used to own and operate? The girls would appear to do meet and greets every so often in these Vegas boutiques  to take pictures with fans, and all you had to do was make a purchase. The BLACKPINK girls are luxury brand geniuses, flawlessly matching each member to a brand that matches each members personality. Celine has a store in Wynn for Lisa, Chanel is in the Bellagio for Jennie, Jisoo’s Dior has multiple locations, and there are multiple Yves Saint Laurent’s for Rose as well. Blinks that are looking to drop some money would have a ball meeting the girls in their representative brand locations. 

5.Krunk on the Strip.

BLINKs who have visited Las Vegas before know one of the stranger characteristics of the Strip is an abundance of mascot characters. Just imagine how fun it would be to see Krunk randomly appearing amongst these budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes. Perhaps we could even see a signature Krunk Random Dance Play in an iconic location, such as the Bellagio Fountains.

As BLINKs, we can all agree that the girls deserve to have the whole city dressed up for them. But, we also know that their talent and accomplishments will make Las Vegas shine no matter what happens surrounding the date. 

Are you attending a BLACKPINK encore date? Do you think these Las Vegas events could happen, or do you have predictions of your own? Let us know!

Disclaimer for my fellow BLINKS out there — I am aware of the harm in comparing BTS to BLACKPINK, as they are absolutely their own individual groups with amazing accomplishments, and are too often diminished to being the male and female mirrors of each other. I just want to talk about what we learned from the BTS Vegas mini-residency, and what we can hope to see now that we know what the city is capable of.

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Hannah WilsonBLACKPINK Las Vegas Date Announcement: Our Wishlist