Blindspot Recap: Enemy Bag of Tricks

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Blindspot Recap: Enemy Bag of Tricks

With the threat of Berlin over his head, Weller pretends to have partially solved a tattoo. Of course, Roman has directed him to ‘solve’ this one next.

A satellite crashes in a cornfield, and they arrive just in time to see it. Another team pins them down with gunfire while they grab a piece of it.

Meanwhile, it looks like the new order of things is chafing on everyone. Patterson and Stuart are butting heads, and it looks like Weller might be a little unused to someone else being in charge.

In the Sky

Turns out, the satellite was a part of the missile defense shield, the other team took the black box, and North Korea is about to start launching missiles.

Roman has been making nice with a former Australian Defense Force soldier at a PTSD support group. What’s he after?

One of the team that took the black box is someone Jane worked with when she was on the run. Weller gets a little pissy over her secret on the run life, but they find the guy and the black box.


So, looks like Roman was getting all buddy with this dude because he had loads of money, and an identity Roman wanted to steal.

Jane and Weller figure out that part of the tattoos are designed to make them fight with each other.

The person who took the black box turns out to be one of the government agents with the satellite company. The bad guys get the black box, but of course, the team saves the day.

Jane lets Weller know about the cash stash in the grate in the wall. Guess things are going better than she expected?

Zapata stops by Reade’s place and meets his…girlfriend? Good one, Reade.

Patterson goes to apologize for being mean to Stuart, and finds him dead.

Well, that didn’t last long.

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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Enemy Bag of Tricks