Blindspot Recap: Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live

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Blindspot Spoilers

We’re back!

So, we finally get to see what happened with Nas and her would be killer. Naturally, it didn’t end well for the assassin.

Las episode, it appeared Nas was set up by her Sandstorm mole. She retrieved a thumb drive, but someone was waiting in her car with a garrotte. Naturally, she gets the upper hand and gets away.

We do find out though, the thumb drive is not only legit, but it contains some highly encrypted data. After our girl Patterson decrypts it and finds an FTP site and password, they see its a cache of photos, information, and video on Borden/Nigel and another Sandstorm operative. As soon as they log in, the mole calls Nas, and wants 500k for the location Shepard will be in 90 minutes.

They go, and using the money as bait, they capture the mole.

This guy again?

And who is it? None other than everyone’s old friend Cade. Apparently, he was only trying to kill Jane before, because he thought she knew who she was and was still Sandstorm.

He tells the team–finally–where to be to pick up Shepard. However, when they get there, the place is on fire, and the guy that was supposed to be helping Shepard out of the country is dead.

Another mole?

They figure there’s another mole. They’re right, except not in the way they think. Patterson figures out that she’s unknowingly been a mole since her capture–after Shepard knocked her out during the torture, she used that time to plant a tiny bug on a tooth. Sandstorm has been listening to everything that happened in Patterson’s vicinity.

Speaking of Patterson–she tells Reade earlier that he better get his shit together, because she’s worried about him being an addict. Later, Reade and Zapata are hit with a surprise random drug screening. Reade is petrified, but pees in the cup anyway. He has no other choice. He admits to Zapata what he’s worried about, and she tells him he better get ahead of it and tell Weller, or she’ll do it for him. Tough love.

Don’t believe everything you hear

The team decides to use the bug to feed Sandstorm fake intel so they can set a trap. They use Cade as bait, and net themselves Borden/Nigel and a strike team (we overhear that Shepard is already on a barge somewhere). When the Sandstorm operatives are cornered, however, one kills the rest, and then himself. Borden/Nigel gets separated from them, with Patterson hot on his heels. Just when it seems Patterson might get a little closure (she gets three shots in him–ouch. Don’t mess with our Patterson), Borden/Nigel makes some asinine apology, then promptly blows himself up.


The team goes back to HQ, feeling worse for wear. Patterson goes to get the bug out, and rather than face her emotional pain she tells the dentist that she’s allergic to anesthetic and to just pull it. (Is that metal or what?)

Reade finds out he got lucky and tested negative, but Zapata insists he tell Weller anyway and take the time off to get some help. When it becomes obvious he’s not going to, we see her going to Weller’s to talk.

After his little freakout, Oliver calls Jane to apologize and try again. She comes over for dinner, and men with guns break in and dart them both with something that renders them unconscious.

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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live