Blindspot Recap: Senile Lines

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That guy again?

The team strategizes over what to do about the inquiry into them supposedly ‘aiding and abetting’ Sandstorm, and it comes out that the person spearheading the thing is Matthew Weitz. Remember the guy in Season 1 who was blackmailing Zapata for inside information on what the team was doing? Yep, that asshole.

They figure they need to find the money from last episode.

Reade wakes up in the hospital. That jumping in the alley when he tried to buy the drugs put him there. He’s got a chatty roommate in the hospital, and the guy seems to have an interest in Reade.

Roman, out in the wild

The team gets another tattoo hit, this time for a non-profit running a foster home type place, and someone has died there. They use the case to get some of the team out of the office and away from Weitz.

They get to the home, and find out six kids are missing.

Weitz is a dick, and he immediately reminds us of that by interrogating Patterson about her bad luck in love. Patterson can handle him, though.

Jane pushes Weller to bring Roman along on the case to get Roman out and doing good.

Reade’s new roomie suggests he has PTSD, and although he probably does, Reade still bites his head off. It makes sense though, doesn’t it?

I really don’t like Weitz

It becomes readily apparent that Weitz is actually after Weller, when he pushes Zapata over Weller not being there for the big cave in. He’s just as interested in what Sandstorm wants with Weller as everyone else–except he wants to use it to bring the team down.

Patterson goes to prod the M.E. to autopsy the murder victim, and is just in time to see two people making off with the body. Hmm.

They find one of the missing kids at a music teacher’s house, and Roman helps the team get into his head a bit. It turns out that the kids’ foster mother was testing drugs on them, and the dead kid had jumped from a window. He had one of the pills with him for the team to analyze.

When Weitz talks to Weller, he pretty much says he’s out to get him, as he thinks Weller has to be in Sandstorm’s pocket.

Lab rats

The doctors and the foster mother talk about getting last minute data from the ‘subjects’ (the kids) and then murdering them. Our team needs to hurry.

Reade and his roomie bond, talking about PTSD and drinking/drugs. The whole thing seems pretty therapeutic for Reade (he talks about the pedo coach and everything), but with this show you’ve always gotta wonder. He talks about the tape, and how he’s not been able to watch it.

The team figures out who the doctors are, and they set up a trap. Of course it works, and they save the kids. Roman leads the kids to safety while the team takes out the baddies, and having some good to do seems to have helped him.


For a minute, it looks like Weller is going to pull out of the team to save them from Weitz, but Nas beats him to it. Nas takes the responsibility, and the rest are saved, for now. She falls on her sword to preserve the team. Weitz isn’t happy, but he’s got to take it because its ultimately a win. She basically says he can take it, or she’ll devote all her time to ruining him.

Glad to see I was wrong about Nas. Although I’m sure there was more she was hiding, it looks like she’s ultimately doing some good. Weller is pissed about it, but it’s done.

Reade reaches out to Zapata, so he won’t be watching the tape alone.

Shepard is in Bangkok, buying a LOT of radioactive material.

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