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Blindspot Spoilers

What happened to Jane?

So, we pick back up with Jane and Oliver having been nabbed by an unknown group, but we’re guessing it’s probably the one we expect. They wake in a pretty nondescript looking room.

Reade wakes at his good time girl’s house, and not only does she have a young kid, but she tells him it’s over.

Speaking of breaking up relationships, Patterson doesn’t want to talk to the new Doc anymore, either. She’s trying her best at feeling nothing. Not good.

Weller and Nas discover that awhile back, Roman and Shepard withdrew a crapload of money from a bank, likely from someone’s account they’d just killed.

Troubles come home to roost…

Jane and Oliver quickly find out that no…it’s not Sandstorm that’s taken them. This time, it’s skeletons in Oliver’s closet. Apparently, his father stole/embezzled a crapton of money, and the people who have them want to use Jane and Oliver to get the money back by threatening to kill them. Somehow, I don’t think their plans are going to go quite the way they’ve planned…

Weller and Nas try to get Roman to remember what was done with the money, but aside from remembering that he’d fetched it, Roman goes a bit maudlin over only remembering memory after memory of killing people. He wants to be better, but isn’t quite sure he can.

Jane and Oliver try to escape, but fail. Too close quarters with too many armed people. Might have worked if Oliver had been someone like Weller, but all Oliver could do was stand there. They discover that the man holding them lost his daughter when Oliver’s father stole from her. She was depressed and jumped off a bridge. Jane manages to get her tattooed hand in the frame as Oliver reads the ransom statement, signalling that she’s there. They also find out that there’s more captives.

Weller talks to Reade about the drugs, and Reade goes ballistic. Weller wants to offer help, but Reade is hurting too much. He quits.

Criminal vs criminal

Patterson finds the video, and discovers that the kidnappers have pitted the two people responsible against each other–first embezzler to pay gets their kids back, the other gets to see theirs die.

Weller tells Roman about what’s going on with Jane. He’s upset. Weller assures him they’ll find her.

Oliver and Jane hatch a plan to tell the team where they are, since if they escape the other hostages (children) will be killed. Oliver also knows where the other captives are.

The team finds Oliver’s dad’s co-conspirator, and she drops the bomb that Oliver’s dad is dead. Uh oh.


Jane gets the kidnappers to let them leave a voicemail on Oliver’s dad’s old line, and she uses all the key phrases that will flag the call for the team to pick up. They encode a message that tells them what’s going on, and to save the other captives.

Once our team has the other captives and Jane has more room to work, she makes short work of the kidnappers. Oliver manages to push one unto some trophy antlers and wigs out. Looks like they’re getting away, until they open the door on four more kidnappers.

Oliver thinks fast, and tempts them with money from his water charity. It buys them a little time. Jane scratches the logo of the charity into the couch to tell the team where they’re going.

The team catches up, Oliver steps up (with an assist from Nas), and Jane takes out her guards.

Later, they break the news to Oliver about his dad, and tell him that his dad made large donations to the water charity. Oliver breaks up with Jane.

The team decides to let Roman stay with Jane in her apartment.

Patterson goes on a paranoid rampage in her apartment, looking for any more bugs Borden may have planted.

Reade tries to buy drugs at a bar, and he’s made as a fed. They leave him bleeding in the alley.

Roman remembers the money he retrieved in the islands was actually a trust fund in Jane’s real name.

The whole team is served subpoenas–someone is accusing them of aiding Sandstorm.

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