Blindspot Recap: Upside Down Craft

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Blindspot Recap: Upside Down Craft

In this episode, we learn a bit more about what Patterson and Rich were doing during their time away from the FBI.

Anonymous Tips

The next tattoo case leads to what looks like a rich dude who makes money when disasters happen by shorting stock–because he makes things happen himself.

Also, the team thinks Stuart’s smarthome device (think like Alexa) might have recorded the night of his death. They need to get the files from that night before they’re deleted from the server.

Back with the evil rich dude, it’s discovered that an anonymous hacker collective un-deleted incriminating emails from the rich guy’s server. The problem? Turns out two of the three hackers are Rich and Patterson. They didn’t do it, so maybe it was the third partner?

Also, Patterson’s app looks like a great way to have a secret back door to everyone’s cell phones.

Three Blind Mice

Patterson and Rich have to tap dance pretty quickly to keep the team from immediately finding out their involvement. They need to find their old partner ‘Elektra’ before the team does.

I still can’t get used to this whole Patterson and Rich thing.

It looks like Zapata is making friends with Reade’s girlfriend. Not that *that* is weird or anything.

The team finds Elektra, and Patterson and Rich think they can get away with playing dumb, since she has no idea who they are.

Wrong. She figures it out right away.

Best Friends

Turns out, she’s really kinda scary. She decides the band should be getting back together, and lures the two of them into a trap later on, and kidnaps them.

Meanwhile, rich bad guy has engineered a disaster at a battery factory that the team needs to stop. They manage to do that, and afterward is when Elektra’s engineered grab happens.

Reade and Zapata get the smarthome device recording, but it doesn’t yield a whole lot. They figure out the sound at the time of the murder is pasted from another time.

Elektra hooks Rich and Patterson up to shock collars and makes them hack for her.


Elektra thinks Rich and Patterson must be working for the FBI against their will. She thinks she’s doing them a favor–but that they need to be forced until she can trust them again.

Patterson lets the team know something is wrong by texting Zapata and using her first name (she has a first name?).

Elektra has them start off with a benign hack, but next she wants them to crash a plane. It’s a plane with the crooked rich guy on it. One of the disasters he caused killed Elektra’s brother.

Rich does something clever to trick Elektra into thinking he did as she asked. However, when the team comes for them, she figures it out.


The team rescues Rich and Patterson, and Reade figures out the truth. Since there’s no proof, nothing can be done, but the team figures out that Roman’s aim with the tattoos is to expose things about the team that will undermine their faith in each other.

Roman calls Jane, and confirms it. He wants Jane hurt.

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JL JamiesonBlindspot Recap: Upside Down Craft