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As I will tell literally anybody I meet without prompting, I grew up in a place that can get up to 25 feet of snow per year. In that kind of climate, all kinds of quirkery arises in the local populace. The same apparently happens in Anchorage, Alaska, and Josh Medsker of Twenty Four Hours is around to tickle us with some local tales, sightings, and absurdities. And snow boots. We cannot forget the snow boots.

Here’s my Rating System:

Recommended: !
It’s Aiight: .
Maybe If You’re Into That Sort of Thing: ?

Twenty-Four Hours Anonymous Chapbook #3: The Time-Traveler’s Ass and Other Moderately Alaskan Situations
Rating: .!!!
Price: not listed
Josh Medsker

UPDATE 10/3/14: Josh Medsker clarified that he did not write this zine, but an anonymous contributor! So adjust your perceptions thusly.

This is an awesome zine, so let me just tell you first what the aight part of my rating is about and get that out of the way: Medsker’s zine is a crisp, no-fuss black-and-white with a clear layout, except for one thing: the font is in like four-point. I’m not even kidding, look at this.

The view from my eyes.

The view from my eyes.

So, depending on the age of your eyes (god bless ya if you’re young enough not to think of such things), you may have a difficult time reading this zine.

And what a shame that would be, because Medsker has a ton of Alaskan literary delights in store for you. I love zines that are random, well-written, and about local topics. This zine has those great tastes tasting great together in a peanut-butter-chocolate-fairy dust synergy of yay.

Still life with Josh's zine, blue paper, hedge, and a zebra.

Still life with Josh’s zine, blue paper, hedge, and a zebra.

Medsker hilariously tells us of the first time he putatively saw Alaska’s version of Sasquatch, the Hairy Man: “He was up to his waist in snow, wearing a fanny pack the wrong way, and had a shopping bag full of what I hoped was discount holiday candy.” He lists some gems of real Alaskan names. Best of all, he treats us to an homage/rant about Xtra Tuffs, “the state shoe of Alaska.” Josh’s passion for this boot would overflow a Wellington, and you’ll want to sport a pair to your next job interview. There are a bunch of other delightfully random pieces, like the transcript of a skeptical Alaskan State Trooper’s encounter with a woman driving-while-Christian.

Pick this one up, it’s great. And a magnifying glass maybe too. Though squinty to read, The Time-Traveler’s Ass and Other Moderately Alaskan Situations is well-written and highly entertaining.


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