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Okay, I’m no poet. But I’m reviewing a poetry zine and a social justice zine today. That kind of covers both.

Hi. I’m Kari, your friendly neighborhood zine reviewer. Let’s review some zines!

Here’s my Rating System:
Recommended: !
It’s Aiight: .
Maybe If You’re Into That Sort of Thing: ?

Careen to screen these great zines.

Careen to screen these great zines.

Gaudy Verse II
Rating: !!!
Price: not listed
Orla Foster

Gaudy Verse is a beautiful booklet of 8 relatable poems on modern-day woes. Orla takes on snooty people, introversion, the tyranny of our cell phones, and the lesser things in life in this delightful set. Imagine Bridget Jones crossed with Sylvia Plath, complete with British spellings and references that just make the whole thing more charming. Here, try this stanza from “Always Connected”:

At first I thought it fit the bill, the tariff was just right

My fingers rolled across the screen like lovers in the night

My texting was unlimited, at last I was in touch

Before I’d just pay as you go and never went that much

But three weeks in my phone has come to know me all too well

And far from electronic bliss it feels like I’m in hell!

Orla’s poems are not only fun, they’re the real deal. They’re very well-written in terms of meter. This chick knows what she’s doing when it comes to a poem. How entertaining are these poems? I’m giving a freaking poetry zine three exclamation points, that’s how entertaining they are.

New Hearts New Bones #15
Rating: !!!
Price: free
Cheering and Waving Press

This zine stands out in look and topic. It is hardcore DIY in that cut-and-paste kind of way, but with a deliberate artistic flavor.  And it has a message, a big one: Things are bad out there for marginalized people. But New Hearts New Bones doesn’t hit you over the head with that message. It uses media as varied as song lyrics, collages, drawings, public arrest records, and theoretical material to allow the reader to draw her own conclusions about social justice. You’ll learn about the maintenance of existing societal power structures through an easy-to-understand diagram, hold your fist out to abuses of power, and leave feeling aware and ready to make the world a better place.


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