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ZINE ARTISTS! Making zines is an exciting endeavor, but it comes with its costs. Do you have the following symptoms?

*Fatigue related to having to explain to people what a “zine” is

*Sleeplessness cuz you had a really good zine idea and you just have to get started now

*Light Wallet Syndrome due to increasing postage costs

*Irritation when someone says, “Zines? Yeah, I remember the 90s!”

*Social isolation because you are a creative weirdo engaging in a relatively unknown hobby

*Paper cuts

zinester trading cardsIf so, ask your doctor about Zinester Trading Cards-iprofen! Zinester Trading Cards are a magical medicine designed by Billy da Bunny (aka Billy McCall) of Bunny Ears Distro. Representing zinesters worldwide (including yours truly), each trading card features a zine artist on the front and some nifty zinester info on the back! Zinester Trading Cards:

*Reduce feelings of isolation by showing you portraits of people in the zine tribe

*Help you get to know your fellow zine artists

*Show people that zining is Still A Thing

*Inspire you to make more zines

*You will probably still get paper cuts. There’s gotta be some money earmarked in R&D for that, though.

Side effects may include owning a super-cool piece of zine history.

You can buy Zinester Trading cards on Etsy, at Bunny Ears Distro.  Spend $3 for a packa nine, or shell out a measly twenty bucks for the whole prescription–I mean, set. Obamacare can’t even get you that.

Trade ’em with your friends, or jack the price up on e-bay when one of us gets famous. But don’t let your mom throw them out with your Playboys and Mad magazines. Zinester Trading Cards are the prescription you need for your zine obsession.

Zinester Trading Cards. By Billy da Bunny (Billy McCall). On Etsy at Bunny Ears Distro. $3 for a random assortment of 9 cards. $20 for the full Series Two set of 32 cards.


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Kari TervoBLOG ZINE! Zinester Trading Cards-iprofen