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Special Features: The Making of Rage, Deleted Scenes, Alternate Ending

From the box: Paul Maguire (Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas) is a respectable business man and loving father living a peaceful life…until his violent past comes back to haunt him. When his teenage daughter is taken from their home, Paul rounds up his old crew to help find her…by any means necessary. His search for justice leads Paul down a dark and blood path of revenge, betrayal and long buried secrets. Danny Glover (the Lethal Weapon films), Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), and Peter Stormare (Fargo) co-star in this heart-stopping thrill ride that shows no mercy.




Nicolas Cage plays a father with a past on the hunt for the people who have taken his daughter. Sound familiar? It should. Rage is another in a long line of Taken rip offs each more arduous and uninteresting than the last. What Rage does have going for it is its willingness to go dark, unfortunately, this isn’t enough to save it from descending into a pointless and unbelievable twist ending that reeks at an attempt at injecting some kind of morals into the film.

Maybe I should start with the good. The picture and sound are great. Also Danny Glover. Even though he is completely wasted and amounts to about 10 minutes of screen time. I feel like they just needed another “name” for the investors.

Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage. He’s great if you are a fan. Otherwise, he’s well…Nicolas Cage and his hair has a mind of its own in this movie.

Rage is only mildly entertaining. A movie like this you should be feeling the tension and the excitement. Instead it’s just one giant shrug. Nothing feels all that important. At one point Nicolas Cage gets arrested after he and his buddies have been rampaging and killing mob guys and Danny Glover just shrugs and lets him go. I swear he said, “get out of here you little scamp!” Maybe not.

The movie would have gotten by with a decent rating had the ending not completely invalidated the entire movie, its premise, and everything you’d been expecting to happen. Some points for the ambiguous ending, but those points are immediately taken away because they insisted on adding more to fully explain what everyone already knows. This kind of hand holding is irksome. Not everyone watching your movie is an idiot, you needn’t cater to them.

I won’t spoil anything for you. I don’t do that even with a bad movie because somewhere out there will want to see it and I don’t want them having it ruined if they read this. I can only warn you to stay away from it. Better yet, just watch Taken again.

Rage, should you want to experience that feeling after watching it, is available on blu-ray now.



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Garon CockrellBlu-Ray Review – Rage