Blu-Ray Review – “Star Trek: The Animated Series”

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star-trek-animated-blu-rayIn 1973 Gene Roddenberry’s classic 60’s television show came back to the small screen in the form of “Star Trek: The Animated Series.”

The show originally ran on NBC for 2 seasons. During this time 22 episodes were produced and featured the original cast members, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Majel Barret, in their iconic roles.

The only classic cast member to not participate was Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov. The reason given for this was that the show’s budget could not afford the complete cast. 40 plus years later and this seems like a big mistake as Koenig’s reading of Chekov would have been perfect for this animated classic. Koenig did however become the first cast member to write a Star Trek episode when he was hired in season 2 to pen “The Infinite Vulcan.”

Over its 22 episode run the show featured Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Harry Mudd and even the return of those pesky Tribbles in “More Tribbles, More Troubles.”

The newly released Blu-Ray doesn’t include and special features but does come in a nice slipcase with 24 limited edition cards. The only flaw in this set would be that the picture quality is so pristine that it actually shows too many of the flaws in the original animation cells. These cells should have been cleaned or treated before this set was mastered to Blu-Ray. My recommendation would be to seek out the previously released DVD set as that format suits “Star Trek: The Animated Series” much better.

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Pat FrancisBlu-Ray Review – “Star Trek: The Animated Series”