Blu-Ray Review: “Suicide Squad – Extended Cut”

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suicide-squad-blu-ray-cover-artThis Suicide Squad review may separate fans from super fans from those just happy for anything to get them by. Warner Brothers’ second installment of the Ben Affleck Batman Universe comes to the home video market with “Suicide Squad –  Extended Cut.”

After the underwhelming “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” the good news is  … Suicide Squad is better than that clunker. The bad news is … it is still a clunker.

Let’s start with what works. Suicide Squad has done a nice job with casting and the performances by Will Smith and Margot Robbie are solid. Will Smith is badass as Deadshot. He gets to wear a cool costume, crack wise and kick ass! What more could you want? Margot Robbie has the toughest role here, creating the first live action incarnation of Harley Quinn.  She definitely rises to the occasion and is without a doubt the star of the film. Next up… The Joker!

Personally I am not a fan of the tattooed, grill-wearing look that the filmmakers chose for this version of Batman’s #1 nemesis and Leto’s version of The Joker is over the top laughable.  The Joker’s added scenes in the “Extended Cut” serve only to point out the flaws in his performance and compared to Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning performance Leto is laughable.  role but it’s really apples and oranges as the two versions are quite different. Luckily, The Joker doesn’t have a lot to do with the actual story and is really only here to be established for films to come.

The number 1 problem with Suicide Squad – Extended Cut is the villain played by Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns, Pan). Delevingne is given the ridiculous task of playing the “Enchantress.” This is the  type of villain that is blessed with powers from an ancient civilization and can turn ordinary people into their minions at will. When she does, the sky opens up, a worm hole is created and lightning ensues. “The Enchantress” starts out cool in her opening origin story but by the third act is reduced to a headdress wearing, gyrating version of Carrie who shouts to the heavens and moves big objects with her mind. This would be fine in a Ghostbusters movie but here it is just d-u-m-b.

It’s just silly that this is the type of villain director David Ayer chose to write because it is an adversary that the Suicide Squad could never possibly defeat with their insanity and limited skills.

SPOILER: If you are looking for an amazing Batman sequence much like Ant- Man and Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War then you will be massively disappointed. Although the Caped Crusader was featured in the trailer here his screen time adds up to about 90 seconds. There is also another Justice League cameo the happens in such a “flash” you will wonder why it was even included at all.

While the first act will keep you entertained, this third act will have your eyes rolling so much you might actually give yourself a headache.

Sadly the biggest problem with Suicide Squad – Extended Cut is the extra 11 minutes. The only way to make this movie better would have been to cut 30 minutes out. If you really want to watch a great on screen depiction of the Suicide Squad check out DC Direct’s animated Assault On Arkham –  that film is a 10!

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Pat FrancisBlu-Ray Review: “Suicide Squad – Extended Cut”