Blu-Ray Review – “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition”

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Wonder Woman“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”

To celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary DC Direct has rereleased their 2009 direct to video animated feature “Wonder Woman.”

The release of the first live action “Wonder Woman” feature film is just a week away and there is no better way to reacquaint yourself with this iconic than to watch  “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition.”

Upon its initial release, “Wonder Woman” was the 4th entry in the DC Direct Home Video line and is definitely a high water mark in the franchise. The film is primarily an origin story that is the perfect introduction to this iconic character. The animation is top notch and with a running time of just 75 minutes the entire film is jam packed with action and humor.

Like the soon to be released live action Wonder Woman film, “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition” also had a female director behind the camera. Lauren Montgomery does an amazing job of bringing the story of Princess Diana to life. The animation is perfect and you couldn’t ask for a better cast with Keri Russell headlining as the Amazon’s mightiest warrior.

The stellar cast also features high profile actors such as Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor, Virginia Madsen as Queen Hippolyta, Alfre Molina as Ares and Oliver Platt as hades with additional voices performed by Vicki Lewis, Rosario Dawson, David McCallum, Marg Helgenberger and Rick Overton as the President.

If you love Wonder Woman and can’t wait for her big screen debut on June 2nd then I highly recommend that you seek out and watch “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition” it is one of the best titles in the DC Direct Animated Universe.


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Pat FrancisBlu-Ray Review – “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition”