Book Review: Spy, Spy Again (Mercedes Lackey)

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Spy, Spy Again

Mercedes Lackey


June 9th, 2020


The third installment of the Family Spies trilogy is here! Of all of Mags and Amily’s children, Tory feels like he’s the only one who hasn’t gotten to go on his own Big Important Adventure. He gets his opportunity when Mags gets a message from his Sleepgiver cousin Bey–Bey’s daughter Sira has been kidnapped by the Karsite Demoncaller priests. Tory and his best friend Prince Kyril have a unique ability that is essential for finding her–Kyril is a Farseer, and Tory can boost his gift to find almost anyone they know (or are related to), no matter how far away they are.

As you might expect, this adventure is a bit of a coming-of-age journey where the boys show their personal responsibility and that they’re getting ready to take care of themselves. It’s got all the fun, adventure, and typical Valdemar story plots that long time fans of Lackey’s Valdemar books have come to expect and love. Lackey’s characters are always fully dimensional, interesting and sympathetic–which makes her books precious fun to read. It’s a reliably fun series to read, and this book as all the rest is a  bright spot in the month for a longtime fan.

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JL JamiesonBook Review: Spy, Spy Again (Mercedes Lackey)