CD Reissue Review: Carly Simon “Coming Around Again”

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Coming Around Again

As the title states Carly Simon’s 1987 comeback album “Coming Around Again” is doing just that, thanks to Cherry Red Records.

In 1987 Carly Simon signed with Arista Records and desperately needed a hit. It had been almost 10 years since her last platinum seller and “Coming Around Again” proved to be just what Simon fans had been waiting for.

Under the direction of Executive Producer Clive Davis, Simon worked with multiple producers including Richard Perry, Frank Filipetti, Paul Samwell-Smith, George Massenburg, John Boylan and Bryan Adams just to name a few. The end result was an album filled with adult contemporary hits that proved Carly Simon still had the magic touch.

Songs such as “Coming Around Again,” “Give Me All Night,” “Do The Walls Come Down,” “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” and “You Have To Hurt” are among some of the best songs Simon ever recorded and can still be played side by side against her classic 70’s hits.

The newly released 30th Anniversary Edition is newly remastered and includes 6 bonus tracks. The hard to find on CD track “If It Wasn’t Love” from the 1986 Tom Hanks film “Nothing In Common” plus the the Oscar winning “Let The River Run” from “Working Girl.” The other 4 tracks are B-Sides and 1 Remix. The set also adds a bonus disc of Carly’s 1988 LIVE album “Greatest Hits LIVE.”

If you have never owned “Coming Around Again” then it’s time you purchase this forgotten 80’s classic. Cherry Red Records has once again given new life to an album that deserves a second look and the remastering, bonus tracks and bonus disc make this 30th Anniversary Edition the definitive issue of this great album.

Carly Simon


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Pat FrancisCD Reissue Review: Carly Simon “Coming Around Again”