CD Review: Cheap Trick – “Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello”

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12814712_1097020896998705_9021232827597954689_nCheap Trick are back with “Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello” their first full album of new tunes in 7 years!

As a diehard Cheap Trick fan (my favorite band of all-time) I was excited to hearing this new batch of tunes and although there are a few standout tracks for the most part “Bang, Zoom Crazy…Hello” left me flat.

The album opens with a great rocker “Heart On The Line” a song that has actually been around since 1997 but is finally making it’s way on to a Cheap Trick album. Next up is the first single “No Direction Home.” This mid tempo track is adequate at best but left me wanting more.

Track 3 “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” is next and turns out to be the most ambitious song on the album. The guitar intro is reminiscent of the 1997 track “Say Goodbye” and finds Robin Zander vocally channeling his inner David Bowie. “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” is a cool track but where are the hooks and big choruses that Cheap Trick fans have come to expect for the past 40 years?

Track 4 turns out to be a complete throw away called “Do You Believe Me?” “Blood Red Lips” follows and it sounds similar to “When The Lights Are Out” form the band’s 2009 release “The Latest.” Track 6 is “Sing My Blues Away” and this song is most definitely a hold over from the last great Cheap Trick album 2006’s “Rockford.” The track is pretty great but literally sounds almost exactly like “This Time You Got It” from the aforementioned “Rockford.” At this point the album just doesn’t have a cohesive flow. I could blame the sequencing but to be honest it’s really the songs.

Unfortunately the next 5 songs don’t get any better with only the last track “All Strung Out” adding anything worth listening too with it’s quirky lyrics and Zander’s cool vocal style.

The band sounds great and sonically the album is amazing but in the end “Bang, Zoom Crazy…Hello” turns out to be the first Cheap Trick album in history to be filled with truly forgettable tunes.



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Pat FrancisCD Review: Cheap Trick – “Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello”