CD Review – Dan Fogelberg “High Country Snows & Exiles”

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51AY9RZ6orLBGO Records has just released the final 2 titles in it’s ongoing Dan Fogelberg remastered CD reissue series. The new 2 disc set features two albums from the 80’s “High Country Snows” and “Exiles.”

High Country Snows” was released in 1985 and finds Fogelberg recording his first ever Bluegrass album. The 11 song set features guest players such as Vince Gill, Chris Hillman (The Byrds) and Ricky Skaggs. This album is not like any previous Fogelberg record and only the song “Go Down Easy” is anything close to the classic Fogelberg sound. Upon it’s original release the album was met with favorable reviews and went on to achieve Gold status in the US.

Fogelberg’s follow up release was 1987’s “Exiles” and this time out Dan went full on pop rock with hits like “She Don’t Look Back” and “Lonely In Love.” At times the album contains a little too much synthesizer and electronic drum sound for my taste but overall the songs are solid and gems like “The Way It Must Be” and “Our Last Farewell” can still hit an emotional chord 29 years later!

As with all the BGO Records releases the CD remastering sounds phenomenal and the CD booklet is chock full of informative Fogelberg history. If you still own the original CD releases then this 2 disc set is definitely worth the upgrade.

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Pat FrancisCD Review – Dan Fogelberg “High Country Snows & Exiles”