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Takes One to Know One

DetectiveCherry Red Records continues to make 2016 the year of Michael Des Barres with the release of 2 albums by his 70’s band Detective.

Originally released at the tail end of 1977, “It Takes One To Know One” was Detective’s 2nd album to hit the record racks in that year. The album kicks off with a one, two punch of heavy rock’n’roll with “Help Me Up” and “Competition.”

The first pair are a perfect way to kick off this punchy 9-track long player. Music fans will be scratching their heads as to why this band weren’t breakout stars. Drummer Jon Hyde gets the most valuable player award on “It Takes One To Know One” as he continues to lay down a John Bonhamesque beat throughout. Just check out the song “Dynamite” for proof of his power behind the kit.

As for Des Barres he might rock harder on this album than on any of his recorded efforts to date. There’s no glam, pop or punk just straight ahead balls to the wall rock! The rest of the band is on point as well with Tony Kaye (keyboards), Bobby Pickett (bass) and Michael Monarch (guitar).

Like Red Cherry Records previous Des Barres releases from this year “Silverhead” and “16 and Savaged,” “It Takes One To Know One” is a must have for your CD collection as a testament to the power of Michael Des Barres and rock’n’roll!




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Pat FrancisCD Review – Detective