CD Review: Keez – “Water Creatures”

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Most criticism of electronic music is misplaced. One of the main assertions is that the machines do all the work, which is nonsense. Yes, machines can play, but despite all of their technological advancements, they can’t write music. Still, there are those who believe they can.

A more accurate knock on electronic music is that with the seemingly limitless palette of sounds, many artists simply find a few they like and stick to those. On the other end of the spectrum are those who try everything in the hopes something will stick. Brad Jones, operating under the name Keez, seems to fall into the latter camp.

Jones has had great success composing music for film and television. Water Creatures is his first foray into making pop music.

Wonderfully adept at building lush, interesting, and sweeping soundscapes, he’s a bit lacking in the ability to construct pop songs. “Feels Right,” is a perfect example. It’s bouncy, groovy, and up-tempo, but it sounds like a movie version of a dance-pop song, as opposed to something you might actually find on the chart.

“Killed4Profit” tries to make a statement about corporate greed, but the vocals are so steeped in processing it’s hard to figure out what exactly is being sung. In other songs, such as “Whiskey,” the production sounds disjointed, almost as if a few different songs are being played at the same time. Perhaps that was the intended effect, but it makes it hard to concentrate.

The reggae-twinged “Git Down” does a nice job of mixing electronics with Jamaican sensibilities. On paper, that sort of thing shouldn’t work at all, but Keez manages to pull it off. Similarly, “Paradise” does the same. For some reason, reggae music is a great leaping off point for Keez’s music.

Filmmakers might enjoy this, as with almost every song you can picture some kind of montage in your mind’s eye. Again, that may be what Keez was attempting with this album though he seems to have overlooked the idea of making it musically memorable as well.

7 Stars Out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Keez – “Water Creatures”