CD Review: Lindsay Kupser – “Quiet Songs”

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The one thing that hinders Lindsay Kupser’s EP Quiet Songs is something pretty much beyond her control. It’s a total coincidence, but the Vancouver native sounds exactly like Los Angles-based comedian and singer/songwriter Karen Kilgariff.

Kupser opens her EP with a track called “All of My Bones,” which immediately recalls Kilgariff’s “I Want to Win.” The melodies aren’t the same, but the tempos are and their voices sound alike. As Kupser sings her song, a punchline is anticipated but never arrives.

The good news is, these two fine artists don’t move in the same circles, so not many people will be tripped up by the comparison. And it’s only that one song. In fact, by the second track of Kupser’s EP, “Couldn’t Move to Brooklyn,” the two diverge. Kupser becomes wispier, and the arrangement brings in a bit of piano to fill add some body to the piece.

Keeping it simple seems to be her main focus as evidenced by her bio (lowercase hers):


canadian singer-songwriter

striving for depth through simplicity

the boston ep was her first one

it’s on bandcamp and itunes

quiet songs is her new one

it’s also on bandcamp and itunes

Some bloke helps her out singing and possibly playing, but is uncredited. We do know she graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and this is her second EP. Echoing the slower offerings of fellow Canadian Sarah McLachlan, quiet is definitely the theme here.

“It’s My Turn” is that much more mellow. “I don’t want to try/I try so hard/I don’t want to try/ I just want to see stars,” she softly sings as brushed snares pick-up the pace ever so slightly and her voice gets a bit more forceful.Things slow down even further on “Tough Country,” and really become sparse on the closing track “Everything Feels Hard Always,” which is just Kupser and her guitar and features some nice vocal work.

No false packaging here. You want quiet songs? Lindsay Kupser delivers, intrigues the listener, and sets a mood.


7 Stars out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Lindsay Kupser – “Quiet Songs”