CD Review: Luca Bash – “The Single Drops”

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Continental Europe is filled with U.K. and U.S. chart-friendly bands, EDM DJs, and quirky acts that try to create pop music out of local cultural influences. Luca Bash is none of those. This Italian singe-songwriter would indeed sound more at home in a North American coffee shop than the Eurovision songwriting contest.

His new EP, The Single Drops, is a sort of “Best of” of collection featuring one track from each of his four previous EPs Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black along with one new song. Bash does a fine job of keeping the sound varied, something that can be a challenge when you’re flying solo with an acoustic guitar. Well, he is helped out by an old friend named Giovanni Pes, but it is all acoustic guitars.

On “Forever Asleep,” Bash’s vocals adeptly convey the songs emotional depth and are emphasized when he hits the upper registers. “Dear John,” on the other hand, gets a touch bluesy, but within the confines of the acoustic guitars. Vocally, his Italian accent sounds almost Jamaican on this one though the track itself does not sound Caribbean.

There’s a bit of a Spanish feel to “Little Tate,” which is something the casual fan of acoustic music might expect at some point. It doesn’t pervade the whole song and simply provides some flavor.

“Black Swan’s Walls” proves to be the rockiest song, recalling ‘70s era singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens or a stripped-down Loggins and Messina. It would be interesting to hear this track with more instrumentation though it works perfectly fine in this pared down format.

The new track of the bunch, and presumptive single, is “Your Tomorrow.” It doesn’t grab you immediately, but Bash’s impassioned vocal and partner Pes’ detailed playing allow it to take root, much like the other songs in the collection.

7 Stars out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Luca Bash – “The Single Drops”