CD Review: Nashaat Salman – “Universal Melodies”

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OK, so you see the name Nashaat Salman and think you’ve got this one pretty much solved. He’s from the sub-continent, surely, and plays sitars and the like. Nope and nope. Salman is off of Switzerland and creates what can only be described as adult contemporary-styled instrumental music.

A film composer by trade, he’s sort of doing a reverse Danny Elfman, dipping his toe into more straight ahead popular music. His EP, Universal Melodies, is a mere three tracks long, but still gives you a good idea of his off-screen sensibilities. The opener, “Summer Night Joy,” is a Spanish influenced number that sounds dangerously close to what we in the United States used to call “elevator music.” On the other hand, if you let it sink in, you can envision some sort of cinematic montage going on while it plays. Perhaps a young couple taking in some part of Europe, or spending the day shopping, all while falling in love.

Those sitars you were waiting for turn up on “Dancing Star,” which does sound more like it might have come out of India, but with a definite Western feel. The third track, “Chasing,” is heavy on synths and sounds more New Age than anything else.

Salman does a nice job of holding back his movie scoring sensibilities and keeping them within the constructs of a three to five-minute pop song. Not something you’ll put on and engage with but nice to have on while making dinner, or having a drink with friends.

7 Stars out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Nashaat Salman – “Universal Melodies”