CD Review – Ted Nugent: “Free For All” Expanded Edition

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album-free-for-allBack in the 70’s when Ted Nugent was less concerned with hunting and politics he churned out some classic kick as rock’n’roll. UK record label Cherry Red Records has just released an expanded edition of one of Ted’s better efforts, his 1976 release “Free-For-All.”

“Free-For-All” was Nugent’s sophomore solo release and although it is not as good as his self-titled debut or his follow-up release “Cat Scratch Fever” it still contained some standout tracks that Ted still plays live to this day.

The album kicks off with the blistering title track that includes one of Ted’s best lead vocal performances. Next up the equally rocking “Dog Eat Dog” featuring longtime Nugent sideman and lead vocalist Derek St. Holmes. Unfortunately during the recording of “Free-For-All” Nugent and St. Holmes parted ways and the rest of the album was recorded with a then unknown vocalist by the name of Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf sings lead on 5 of the 9 original tracks and does a fine job but sadly his vocal style was not the best fit with Nugent’s music and if St. Holmes had sung on the entire disc this would have been a much bigger success.

This new reissue adds 3 bonus tracks including LIVE versions of the title track and the aforementioned “Dog Eat Dog” plus an alternative version of the song “Street Rats” which replaces Meat Loaf’s vocal performance with the original vocal recorded by St. Holmes.

All in all this is still a great album to sink your ears into and the new reissue is worth the upgrade.

Drumroll please… 7 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

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Pat FrancisCD Review – Ted Nugent: “Free For All” Expanded Edition