CD/DVD Review – Simon & Garfunkel: Concert In The Park

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71oKF-kZy7L._SL1500_After almost 35 years Simon & Garfunkel’s historic “Concert In The Park” is finally getting the deluxe CD/DVD reissue it deserves. The problem is… it isn’t all that special!

The new reissue comes in a trifold digipack that includes a 24 page booklet with new liner notes by Arthur Levy and a digitally remastered copy of the original album with a 19 song setlist of timeless classics.

Both the packaging and the audio are spectacular so I have no idea why Sony Legacy did nothing to improve the DVD. In fact, it looks like nothing has been done to it at all!

The picture and sound on the DVD are so bad it actually seems like it was transferred straight to DVD from an old VHS tape. As for the audio it goes way past 11 as I had to turn my television up over 50 just to enjoy the music. What’s really disconcerting is that the sticker on the front of the CD/DVD set states… “Remastered From Original Tapes.” That phrase can only pertain to the CD because the DVD is almost unwatchable.

I wish that Sony Legacy would have at least given the consumer the choice of whether to purchase the Deluxe set versus a CD only version. As it stands now if you want the remastered CD then you have to take the subpar DVD as well.

Drumroll please… CD/DVD Deluxe Edition 5 out of 10 drumsticks!!!




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Pat FrancisCD/DVD Review – Simon & Garfunkel: Concert In The Park