Celebrities who Evened the Odds

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Celebrities who Evened the Odds

Few people would guess what award-winning actor Ben Affleck and hip-hop legend P Diddy share in common: their love for a good game of blackjack. Even 23 years after releasing the popular hit “It’s All About the Benjamins,” P Diddy is still very much about doubling his greenbacks. 

Of course, the allure of gambling isn’t strictly financial. Both of these celebrities are known to be masters of blackjack, a simple game that requires lots of skill and intelligence. Some celebrities play blackjack for the challenge of winning against top-ranked players and the bragging rights that accompany it.

Whether it’s the competition or simply the adrenaline rush, celebrities are drawn to gambling and the lifestyle it represents. In the case of Diddy and Affleck, they’ve achieved great success in blackjack and could rightfully boast about their great track record. In fact, Diddy is regularly invited to join tables all over the world, from casino launch parties in the US to exclusive events in Ibiza that are reserved only for the world’s elite gamblers. 

Naturally, not all celebrities have succeeded as gamblers. As is the case with any game that depends on odds, there are some big winners, but usually even bigger losers.

Read on to get a glimpse of how your favorite celebrities have prospered (or not) in their gambling side-hustle.

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Pop Culture BeastCelebrities who Evened the Odds