Comedy Interview: Jay Harris

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Does almond milk make you gassy?  It does me.  I switched over from cow milk because of a certain digestive result that I would get with drinking that.  Almond milk doesn’t take it to that extreme, but it puts me on the edge of digestive glory.  It is a problem today, although I also switched over to eating Raisin Bran, so maybe it is the combination of the two.  I just felt as a 35yr old man, I should maybe eat less cartoon based cereals.  Is that a good idea?  Or should I remain young through eating Flintstone affiliated rock cereal?  I don’t know.  It is really hard growing up.  Enjoy today’s interview with Jay Harris!


Riggs:  How are you?
Harris:  Not great.

Riggs:  If you could, how would you plan your own funeral?
Harris:  Haven’t really thought about it. I expect to live forever.

Riggs:  Corn: Canned or Fresh?
Harris:  Neither. Not a big fan of non-digestible food.
Riggs:  What is the thing (tv show, comedian, person etc.) that gave you the idea to start comedy?
Harris:  I used to see Howie Mandel do these short skits on TV, I just loved his off-stage antics. I was always intrigued by it, in one way or another. When I was 16 I’d steal my Moms car to go down to the this now out of business comedy club on Grand/Ontario in the city, and watch the midnight “blue” show. I always knew I was gonna do it, just kept procrastinating.

Riggs:  If you could have dinner with any historical figure, what would you suggest as an appetizer?
Harris:  Good question ! I love how you don’t even ask me who I want the person to be, just the food. I’d say potatas bravas from Cafe Iberco in Chicago, they’re my favorite, plus who doesn’t like potatoes?

Riggs:  How many surgeries have you had?
Harris:  Another ridicules question! who keeps track of these? at least 2-3 where I’ve been in the hospital.

Riggs:  What are your four favorite state capitals (lower 48)? Please don’t say why.
Harris:  I was never good at memorizing capitals but maybe Santa Fe, NM, Austin, TX, Springfield, IL, and Nashville, TN
Riggs:  5 words or less…explain religion.
Harris:  Gives people hope.

Riggs:  What are you most proud of in the world?
Harris:  The diversity of life: people, food, colors, animals, wildlife, music, etc. we all need each other, we just don’t realize it.

Riggs:  Any final thoughts? (Although none of your words will be edited, do know that if you do not include nice words about me, I will add them in for you…fyi, my version of you will be very complimentary of me)
Harris:  I’m trying to survive like everyone else. I really believe in Yin/Yang, can’t have good without the bad. Everything always balances out in the end, know that and live the best life possible ! This Matt guy, haven’t seen him in a while, but I know he’s still the same amiable guy I knew from yesteryear.

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Matt RiggsComedy Interview: Jay Harris