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I’m watching ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ and it makes me wonder…am I?  They seem to make a case in this show that anyone could be pregnant at anytime with no warning or any signs.  Now, I eat Smarties pre-rolled candies and I was told as a kid that those are male birth control by my bus driver, Ray Wilson.  Sure, it may down the line lead to sugar induced diabetes, but you won’t have to run around after those kids, which will be good, because there is a chance with that diabetes that you’re going to lose a foot.  He should know, his daughter only had one foot.  Car accident, not diabetes took his child’s foot, but still, he seemed very confident when he said it.  I will keep you all posted if I give birth.  Enjoy this interview with Tim O’Malley!

Tim O'Malley

Riggs:  How are you?
O’Malley:  I am fine, thanks

Riggs:  If you could, how would you plan your own funeral?
O’Malley:  Funeral would be a small affair with a smoked baby back ribs dinner served, hush puppies, mac and cheese, and creamy cole slaw.

Riggs:  Corn: Canned or Fresh?
O’Malley:  Corn Fresh or Frozen
Riggs:  What is the thing (tv show, comedian, person etc.) that gave you the idea to start comedy?
O’Malley:  Lenny Bruce

Riggs:  If you could have dinner with any historical figure, what would you suggest as an appetizer?
O’Malley:  Abe Lincoln/ Crab Cakes

Riggs:  How many surgeries have you had?
O’Malley:  If you count root canals 3

Tim O'Malley at Chicago's Second City

Tim, Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Joe Liss & Dave Pasquesi at Chicago’s Second City. Photo Courtesy of Tim Meadows.

Riggs:  What are your four favorite state capitals (lower 48)? Please don’t say why.
O’Malley:  I do not like any state capitols.

Riggs:  5 words or less…explain religion.
O’Malley:  Faith, hope, connection to all life

Riggs:  What are you most proud of in the world?
O’Malley:  The creation of Velveeta Cheese.

Riggs:  Any final thoughts? (Although none of your words will be edited, do know that if you do not include nice words about me, I will add them in for you…fyi, my version of you will be very complimentary of me)
O’Malley:  Be careful out there and thank you all for coming.  Also, I’ve worked with many talented people, but Matt Riggs is by far the most energetic, fantastic, wonderful and less smelly of all of them!

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Matt Riggs grew up in rural Indiana and barely attended Indiana University. After his dreams of working at an amusement park for the rest of his life were squelched, he headed to Chicago to try comedy. He can be seen in shows all over the Midwest and is a cast member of Chicago Underground Comedy. He participated in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, The Limestone Comedy Festival 2014 and the 2013 TBS Just for Laughs Chicago. He has a weekly podcast called Bad News/Good Timing on iTunes. When he is not trying to think of things that people might want to read on his bio, he is enjoying a nice podcast or perhaps inventing a new food made with mostly hot dogs.

Matt RiggsComedy Interview: Tim O’Malley