Concert Review: #CarnivoresTour featuring AFI Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars

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Monday night, the Hollywood Bowl belonged to the Carnivores Tour as seminal rock bands AFI, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Linkin Park delivered an explosive and exciting evening of music. For me, it was an introduction to AFI, the first time seeing 30 Seconds To Mars live, and the second seeing Linkin Park. What a show it was.

First, AFI took the stage. I know very few AFI songs. I know very little about the band. I know even less about the lead singer. What I do know is that they blew through their set pretty quickly and with hardly a word to the audience. In fact the only thing spoken to the crowd was, “Hello Hollywood, we’re AFI, this song is…” and whatever the song was. It was a short slot apparently. They only did nine songs but they did them well. Nothing against the performance. The band sounded great. I just prefer a little more interaction.


AFI Set List

1. The Leaving Song Pt. II

2. Girl’s Not Grey

3. I Hope You Suffer

4. Medicate

5. Love Like Winter

6. 17 Crimes

7. The Days of the Phoenix

8. Silver and Cold

9. Miss Murder

Up next, (after a loooong intermission) was 30 Seconds To Mars. This was my first time seeing them live. I’ll say now I am a fan of the band. They’re last few albums have been stellar. After this show? I’m a step away from getting an Echelon tattoo. They were fantastic. Jared Leto’s voice was in fine shape and he was interacting with the crowd like a superstar. They ate it up. They sang along. They were in rapt awe of this guy and this band. With good reason. They were great. I was blown away and loved every moment of it.

Unfortunately, the set was shortened due to them coming on stage late. This is a problem with the hollywood bowl and a lot of venues. This requirement to shut down shows at a certain time can be a burden to the artists. I’d have gladly watched Thirty Seconds to Mars perform for hours.

9/10 (only because of the short set!)

Thirty Seconds to Mars Set List

Carmina Burana: O Fortuna (Carl Orff song)

1. Up in the Air

2. Search and Destroy

3. This Is War

4. Conquistador

5. Kings and Queens

6. Do or Die

7. City of Angels

8. The Kill (Bury Me) (acoustic) (1st Verse + 2nd Chorus)


9. Enter Sandman

10. Closer to the Edge

Finally, Linkin Park took the stage and it is clear just whose show this really is.

While AFI gave us 9 songs and Mars gave us 10, Linkin Park came out and gave us a whopping 27 song career spanning set. They hit every song I would have wanted to hear and they sounded spectacular. I don’t know that it is possibly for someone to give Linkin Park their due credit without seeing them live and hearing how strong Chester’s vocals really can be. How he can do what he does night after night is a mystery. The guy is a machine.

Everyone got their feature. We even got a little Fort Minor action. Their energy was off the charts and the crowd was on their feet most of the show. A great set and the passion these guys still have just turned into a wonderful evening of music. LP even had a couple special guests join them on stage. Personally, I had no idea who they were but the crowd did. The singer from Of Mice and Men and a guitarist from System of a Down. They didn’t add much to the show to be honest but they didn’t take away from it either.

Not gonna lie, I wish we had a little more time with Mars but Linkin Park’s incredible set made up for that bit of short changing.



Linkin Park Setlist

1. Mashup Intro #2 
(w/ Session, 1stp Klosr, The Requiem, The Summoning, The Catalyst, Guilty All The Same)

2. Guilty All the Same

3. Given Up 
(Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)

4. Points of Authority 
(Shortened Intro)

5. One Step Closer 
(Ext. Outro)

6. Blackout 
(Shortened (Intro and Partial Outro Instrumental Only); Ext. Papercut Beat Outro Transition)

7. Papercut 
(Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus))

8. Rebellion 
(with Daron Malakian) (Ext. Intro)

9. Runaway 
(Shortened (Intro/First Verse/Chorus Only); Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro Transition w/ Wastelands Verse 1)

10. Wastelands

11. Castle of Glass 
(Experience Version; Piano Transition Outro)

12. Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent 
(Ballad Medley)

13. Robot Boy 
(Shortened (Intro, Synth Bridge, and Ending Instrumental Only))

14. Joe Hahn Solo 
(w/ Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)

15. Burn It Down

16. Waiting for the End 
(Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)

17. Final Masquerade

18. Wretches and Kings / Remember the Name 
(Ext. Outro Transition)

19. Numb 
(Numb/Encore Intro/Outro + Verse 1 Guitar)

20. In the End

21. Faint 
(with Austin Carlile) (Ext. Outro)


22. Lost in the Echo 
(Shortened (Intro/First Verse/First Chorus/Outro Only); Swirl Intro)

23. New Divide 
(Shortened (No Second Verse and Second Chorus); Transition Outro)

24. Crawling 
(Shortened (No Second Verse); w/ Faster Tempo)

25. Until It’s Gone 
(Shortened (Intro/Hybrid Verse/Second Chorus/Transition Outro); Ext. Intro w/ Points of Authority Ver)

26. What I’ve Done 
(Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)

27. Bleed It Out 
(Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)

Unfortunately, The Carnivores Tour has come to an end but I hope these guys unite again for another tour. They’re a great fit. If you have the chance to catch either of these bands on tour, do it. You won’t be disappointed. They’re all fantastic groups well worth your money.

For more information on the bands

Linkin Park

30 Seconds To Mars


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Garon CockrellConcert Review: #CarnivoresTour featuring AFI Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars