Review: Here Come The Mummies in Cincinnati, OH

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What sets Here Come The Mummies apart? Sure, the makeup is eccentric and the music is like no other — but what really makes this band special is their chemistry: chemistry with each other and chemistry with the audience.

Now, if you haven’t heard of this band before, trying to explain them is quite the treat. When my friends asked what concert I was going to, my response was “talented kinky funk artists dressed as Mummies.” Here Come The Mummies are famous for their live shows, as the anonymous proudly wrap themselves in gaws to perform. Nobody really knows who each mummy is — just that they are stupid talented, and ridiculous performers.

So as much as you can listen to the band on your phone, seeing the group gives you a whole new appreciation and goes beyond any other concert experience.

This was my second time seeing the group, and the first time, I had never heard of them. Imagine my shock when coming from the back of the crowd is a drumline decorated in lights, marching around in mummy costumes. It is clear that the band loves interacting with their fans — upon the show ending, one even came into the crowd and put his arm around my friend and I to our surprise. Much of the stage banter centers around building up the audience, encouraging them to indulge in their experience — and something about being there makes you want to. People of all ages are “getting funky to the left.” Furthermore, to show their audience appreciation, multiple tee shirts were thrown out to the adoring fans.

Here Come the Mummies

Something else that’s special about seeing this band live is the fact that the fanbase becomes close with each other after the show. Before starting, everyone is socializing, asking who has seen them before and who hasn’t. The ones who haven’t are informed that they’re in for a treat. The ones who have seen them aren’t bragging in an elite fan fashion, more so excited that new people are going to be able to experience the uniqueness of a Here Come The Mummies show. Afterward, you’re part of the club that lets their freak flag fly.

As far as chemistry with each other, every mummy is granted the chance to have some kind of wicked solo — and it is heartwarming to watch as the band excitedly cheers on their bandmate. The group also interacts plenty on stage, dancing around and having the time of their lives. It is clear that they not only do this for the fans, but for themselves. They truly enjoy music, and it is refreshing to see the amount of passion they have on stage.

Theatrics certainly dominate this band, if not already made obvious by the costuming. The stage is incredibly decorated. There are even more than mummies included in the ensemble — members of the group that call to mind the head-hitting monks from Monty Python enter the stage on a few occasions, sometimes for some extra percussion, other times for special effects, such as flags and confetti.

All in all, while this group is certainly a must listen, they are even more of a must-see. If you are passionate about live music, then you have to make the effort to see Here Come The Mummies.

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Hannah WilsonReview: Here Come The Mummies in Cincinnati, OH