Concert Review: Kenny Loggins @ Starlight Bowl 9/26/2021

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80’s hitmaker Kenny Loggins cut loose last night in Burbank, CA to treat the audience to a perfect concert experience!

The evening’s chilly night air was no match for the warmth Kenny Loggins brought to the packed crowd at the Starlight Bowl. Taking the stage with his five-piece backing band Kenny immediately gave his longtime fans a surprise by performing “Lady Luck” the first track on his debut solo album which he had never played LIVE before! Next up was the classic Loggins & Messina era hit “Danny’s Song.” Loggins then gave the crowd the song every parent and child knows and loves “Return To Pooh Corner.”

Loggins is currently touring to support his vinyl LP only release “Kenny Loggins At The Movies” and he stepped right into the 80’s soundtrack signature songs with a run of 7 songs that had the audience dancing in their seats.

Kenny was welcomed back to the stage for not 1 but 2 encores! After performing 2 of his most heartfelt songs “Conviction Of The Heart” and perennial holiday staple “Celebrate Me Home” he closed the show with an astounding rendition of the top 40 hit “Forever.” On this song specifically you could hear the power of Loggin’s voice as he reached every note from start to finish. This is an amazing feat for any singer and at 73 years of age Loggins shows no signs of stopping as he proved that he can out sing and out entertain most if not all of his contemporaries.

The Starlight Bowl is the perfect place to see a concert with sight lines, state of the art acoustics and trouble free parking. Add to that the courteous staff and you will have a wonderful evening of music under the strs.


– Set List –

Lady Luck
Danny’s Song (Loggins & Messina)
Return To Pooh Corner
Whenever I Call You Friend
The Great Adventure (New Song)
This Is It
Meet Me Half Way
Nobody’s Fool
I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man)
Playing With The Boys
I’m Alright
Danger Zone
– Encore –
Conviction Of The Heart
Celebrate Me Home
– Encore 2 –

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Pat FrancisConcert Review: Kenny Loggins @ Starlight Bowl 9/26/2021