Concert Review: Lou Gramm LIVE @ The Canyon Club 10/17/2014

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Lou GrammLou Gramm the legendary vocalist of the rock band Foreigner hit the stage at The Canyon Club last night and gave the packed house exactly what they wanted… the hits!

Gramm and band powered through a perfect setlist that included his solo and Foreigner chart  toppers.  Everything from “Cold As Ice” to “Midnight Blue.”

Opening with “Double Vision” it took the band a couple songs to find their groove and by the 3rd song, “Feels Like The First Time,” Lou’s voice was finally ready to rock the crowd into a frenzy.  Lou wasted no time pulling out the all-time classic Foreigner ballad “I Want To Know What Love Is” by dropping the song right in the center of his set list. Lou and band were join for the song by Jonathan Grier & The Tribe Of Judah who handle the gospel tinged background vocals. Their presence pushed Lou to deliver one of his best vocal performances of the evening.

Kudos go out to Lou’s brother Ben Gramm who kept time behind the drum kit and segued from “Urgent” right into a crowd pleasing drum solo.  The rest of the band played the songs with workman-like precision and the only thing lacking was the classic saxophone solo during “Urgent” which was replaced by keyboard and guitar. Other than that minor complaint Lou Gramm delivered the goods and the proof was on the smiling faces of all who attended.

One final tip… if you live in the Los Angeles area and want to see your favorite classic rockers up close then I highly recommend The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA. The sound is great, the sight lines are perfect and the parking is FREE!

Drumroll please… 7 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

– Set List –

Double Vision
Ready Or Not
Feels Like The First Time
Just Between You And Me
Cols As Ice
That Was Yesterday
I Want To Know What Love Is
Long Long Way From Home

– Ben Gramm Drum Solo –

Blue Morning Blue Day
Midnight Blue
Juke Box Hero

– Encore –

Hot Blooded


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Pat FrancisConcert Review: Lou Gramm LIVE @ The Canyon Club 10/17/2014