Concert Review: twenty one pilots @ The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

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live21pilots_site_carlamundy-0220-600x399If anyone tells you that new music or rock’n’roll isn’t finding it’s way to the masses then they most definitely have not been to a twenty one pilots concert.

Last night the two man combo with no hit singles, no multiplatinum album sales and virtually no radio airplay played to a sold out crowd of rabid fans at the historic Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

I have been to the Greek Theatre many times and I can tell you the place was jam packed! Not one empty seat and all of the SRO areas were filled to capacity as well.  There was no pushing, no one dressed ironically, no fights or drunken verbal exchanges just a united group of all ages and all ethnicities waiting to see their favorite band.

Since I had never seen a twenty one pilots show I didn’t quite no what to expect but at 9:15 on the dot I witnessed the power of live music as Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun took the stage and immediately whipped the crowd into a 1 hour and 45 minute nonstop frenzy. From the start to finish not one seat was filled because every single audience member stood the entire time.

Many bands try to coerce the crowd to sing along but not twenty one pilots because they didn’t have to. The crowd sang loud and proud throughout the show with unabashed enthusiasm like I have never seen before and it wasn’t just singing along the audience were truly connected with the words and the live interaction with the band members. It didn’t matter how close or how far away you were it just felt like one big party at your best friend’s house.

The audience was filled with smiling young people and I have to give the band credit for keeping the ticket price low. While other bands charge hundreds of dollars and then coast through their set twenty one pilots gave every last drop of energy and sweat to their fans. The low ticket price pays off in another way too because the merchandise lines where the longest I have seen in decades with fans buying up t-shirts, posters, pins and beanies. I would say 75% of the crowd was wearing the band’s logo on their body in some way shape or form.

As for the show… Tyler and Josh were nonstop balls of energy and Josh Dun must lose 10 pounds a night pounding his drum kit with unbridled ferocity while Tyler Joseph covers every inch of the stage with his theatrical costume changes and his parkour influenced leaps from the ground to the top of his upright piano and back again. While some bands start strong and end strong Twenty One Pilots pulled off that rare feat off maintaining a high intensity performance for a full 1 hour and 45 minutes and playing 25 songs! Towards the end of the show during the song “Car Radio” Tyler climbed to the highest point at the rear of the theatre to show his love for the band’s adoring fans. This feat was met with exuberant screams of appreciation especially from the members of the audience in the cheap seats.

You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to get it but you do need to know that last night at the Greek Theatre music via social media won out as twenty one pilots lit their own torch of rock’n’roll and will hopefully carry it for years to come.

Drumroll please… 10 out of 10 drumsticks!!!

– Set List –

Stressed Out
Guns For Hands
House Of Gold
We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley cover)
The Judge
Lane Boy
The Pantaloon
Ode To Sleep
Addict With A Pen
Message Man
Holding On To You
The Run And Go
Tear In My Heart
Car Radio

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Pat FrancisConcert Review: twenty one pilots @ The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles