Dragon Quest X Confirmed For NX

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Square Enix confirmed that a port of their MMORPG, Dragon Quest X, is being worked on for the NX. In the latest issue of Famitsu, producer Yosuke Saito and director Chikara Saito confirmed that they are indeed bringing it to Nintendo’s latest console. There is also a Playstation 4 version in development. Both the NX and Playstation 4 versions, with no announced release dates, are supposed to come out before the next entry, Dragon Quest XI, launches.

Dragon Quest X originally released on the Wii back in August 2012. Since then, it’s been ported to the Wii U, PC, Android, iOS, and 3DS. Sadly, it’s never made its way out of Japan and there’s still no word that either the upcoming Playstation 4 or NX ports will make it our way either.

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Jason ArriolaDragon Quest X Confirmed For NX