DVD Review: Adventure Time Complete Fourth Season

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AdventuretimedvdThere is really only one thing you can say about Cartoon Network’s hit series “Adventure Time”… season after season the show just gets better!

Each season is weirder, funnier and smarter than the one before plus these quirky characters are brimming with emotional depth which is something you can’t say about a lot of animated fare.

The Complete Fourth Season is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.  All 26 episodes spread out over 2 Discs.  Finn, Jake, BMO and the whole gang from the Land Of Ooo are here.  As with every season this is a show that kids as well as adults will enjoy.

Standout episodes include “Hot To The Touch,” “The Lich” and “I Remember You.”  Bonus features include: Commentaries and “Distant Bands: The Music Of Adventure Time.”

Adventure Time The Complete Fourth Season” just might be the best season yet buy this and all the seasons you will not be disappointed.

Drumroll please… 10 out of 10!!!

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Pat FrancisDVD Review: Adventure Time Complete Fourth Season