DVD Review: Adventure Time- The Enchiridion

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True story: this evening before I started writing this review, I dropped by Wal-greens to pick up some Sea Breeze original Formula Astringent because somehow ive managed to get a pimple IN my nostril and I need it gone because I have a date with a girl that ive been trying to go out with for almost 15 years. Then, as I’m standing in line some BBW with arm-vitiligo decides to reveal her binder of coupons and search for her “1.00 off Right Guard” coupon as the line behind her grows ever larger.

This is a prime example of what is considered an adventure in my life. I doubt that anyone would want to watch a compilation of 16 of these thrilling anecdotes.

So, instead I’ll offer you the option of the new Adventure Time collection, The Enchiridian dropping at an internet portal near you Tuesday October 7th. Not that ACTUAL Enchiridion guide book to being a Righteous Hero, just a collection of 16 Adventure Times episodes based on heroics and the mysterious book.

If you aren’t familiar with Adventure Time, you’re probably a progress hindering middle-aged coupon lady. Shame on you. But here is the scoop- Jake, a magical dog and his brother and best friend Finn, the Human, have many many many adventures in the weird Post-apocalyptic Land of Oo where pretty much everything is sentient and has a motive.

AT Enchiridion DVD Copy

For example, Finn eventually gives the book away to a weird bear that really wants to act, dress, and become Finn. But, as he says, “We never use it[The Enchiridion]- except sitting on it when the grass is wet and stuff…” Trust me, that’s not even a spoiler. It happens in the second episode!

The animated adventures of Finn and Jake have been going on for a while now and what started out as a random series of child-like silliness has evolved into what I like to call a Grant Morrisonesque nightmarescape of candy colored adult feelings. Short version: it got deep.

Was it always meant to be this ever deepening story OR did the writers just realize that more and more non-children were watching it so decided to tell more and more non-childlike stories? Or OR am I underestimating the processing power of the newer models of child on the market? I watched more than my fair share of mature content at a very young age. I loved my St. Elsewhere and L.A. Law, and found Scorsese’s King of Comedy to be quite mesmerizing…

Anywho, I cant see any existing fans of Adventure Time really needing a compilation like this. Especially since collections of complete seasons exist and are readily available. But if you want to see what all the Manic-Pixie Dream Girls with blue hair and Thick glasses are basing their cos-play on and why they use “Mathematical” as an interjection and adjective, The Enchiridion wouldn’t be the worst doorway into the Land of Oo.

If you don’t already love Adventure Time, pick this up and give it a shot. It’ll junk up your mess, dog!

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J'Mel DavidsonDVD Review: Adventure Time- The Enchiridion