DVD Review – Inspector Manara

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The complete series of Inspector Manara is now available on DVD in two season sets from Mhz International Mystery. This hit Italian show was a spin-off of an early program called ‘A Family in Yellow’ and follows the investigations of Chief Luca Manara (Guido Caprino).  Manara is newly transferred to a small village in Tuscany and is greeted with a murder on his first day. Luca is a maverick cop who doesn’t dress in uniform and drives a motorcycle instead of a squad car. He’s a ladies man who uses his charms to investigate crimes. His partner is Inspector Lara Rubino (Roberta Giarrusso), a woman he knew back when he was in school and by coincidence is in his new department. Not only do they work together but a romance blossoms that will ultimately turn into a marriage attempt in the second season. Rounding out their team is Lara’s Aunt Caterina, who has amazing instincts and observational skills.

Inspector Manara is not a gritty crime drama. The show has a wonderful, light-hearted feel that reminds me of a lot of the American buddy cop TV shows of the 1980’s. While they investigate murders there are also a lot of cute moments and jokes, especially when Aunt Caterina is on the scene. Inspector Manara might be a little heavy on the macho for some people’s taste but I found it stopped short of sliding into sexism. On the whole, Guido and Roberta have great on screen chemistry and really make Inspector Manara a thoroughly enjoyable crime show.


Inspector Manara Season 1 & 2 are available now from Mhz Networks.

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Adam RuhlDVD Review – Inspector Manara