DVD Review – The Inspector and the Sea Season 1 and Season 2

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Inspector and the Sea

Inspector and the Sea

New from MHZ Networks International Mystery comes “The Inspector and the Sea” (Der Kommissar und das Meer – German title, Kommissarien och havet –Swedish title), a crime drama based on the novels of Mari Jungstedt. The show follows Robert Anders (Walter Sittler), a German police inspector and his team who have relocated to the Swedish island of Gotland so he can be with his Swedish wife. The island suffers a surprising number of murders and other violent crimes for Anders to solve.

This is a really interesting and gritty detective show. They don’t pull any punches so far as violence and graphic content go and it serves to keep the show honest. I was especially intrigued by the element of Swedes not being happy about answering a German investigators questions. In a way this is a fish out of water story with an authority of one nation attempting to solve crimes against civilians in another. The show also has a great cinematic scope; each episode serving like mystery-thriller film sequel rather than just the next episode.

“The Inspector and the Sea” Season 1 and Season 2 (Click the seasons to order) each contain 6 episodes with each running a feature length 90 minutes. The show has run from 2007 to present and seems to suggest they have 2 episode seasons; that would mean that the two sets cover the first six seasons and there is a seventh season not yet released.  “The Inspector and the Sea” is presented in the original German with English subtitles.


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Adam RuhlDVD Review – The Inspector and the Sea Season 1 and Season 2