DVD REVIEW: Regular Show: The Movie

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Sorry, Guys. this review is a little late. I didn’t plan to make it late, but life tossed other odd and stupid adventures at me, much like the main characters of Regular Show…

But, we’re finally here so let’s go!

Well, no surprise here, but the only thing better than Regular Show is feature length Regular Show.

What started as an odd quarter-hour series about best friends Mordecai and Rigby (a Big Bird and a Raccoon) and their adventures slacking off at their Park Maintenance jobs has grown into a pretty deep mythology– or canon. Look, there’s a lot going on, and while it’s good to know all the back story, it’s completely unnecessary to enjoy the show. Bottom line: the guys skip out on their chores, their boss Benson gets mad, and they end up making MORE work for themselves as well as occasionally getting into danger and altering the universe trying to do what they should’ve done in the first place, all the while maneuvering through seemingly outdated technology and popular culture that still manages to feel modern and oddly in place. Or, maybe that’s because I’m an old man.. but surely I’m older than the writers of this show- Hey! are they making fun of me!?
Take all of that and apply the often overused but in this case completely appropriate term “epic” Timenado element to Mordecai and Rigby’s highschool years, add a grudge that forces the friends to become spaceship-piloting enemies in the future, and you know Regular Show: The Movie is gonna be a good time.

Plus, it’s always a good time for Pops and High Five Ghost. Sure, almost everyone else you’ve come to love is here for full-length glory, but I LOVE Pops and High Five Ghost. Honestly, I don’t even remember if Five even spoke in the first season of the show, but I felt an immediate connection. Perhaps it’s because we’re both ghosts… What’s important is that in the Future, High Five Ghost has an eyepatch!

But, remember, if all that sounds awesome (and it should) it’s even MORE awesome if you get a little history lesson first. But trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this homework.

Regular Show: The Movie, directed by JG Quintel is available NOW wherever you cop your media.


Stop Talking!– And go grab a copy! Yeahhhh!



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J'Mel DavidsonDVD REVIEW: Regular Show: The Movie