DVD Review – To Be Takei

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The George Takei documentary, To Be Takei, which premiered this year at Sundance, is coming to DVD in an Amazon exclusive release. The doc follows George and his husband Brad Takei (ne Altman) through their daily lives as he makes public appearances and talks about his past. There is a fascinating contrast of past and present where each of Mr. Takei’s current causes reflects a major adversity he had to overcome in his life. As a child, George Takei and his family was forced into a Japanese-American internment camp; now he has helped create a musical inspired by the experience called Allegiance. As an actor he had to remain closeted to preserve his career and now he has come out publicly to support the gay marriage equality struggle in the US and is married.

The documentary interviews family and friends and people from his professional life (including all of his star trek crewmates still living). George Takei comes across as incredibly warm and friendly and possessing a great sense of humor, even when discussing some of the traumatic parts of his youth. The film paints a wonderful portrait of a man who is proud of whom he is and advocates hard so that those who follow him will not have to endure the same hardships.

To Be Takei is available exclusively on Amazon.com on Tuesday October 7th

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Adam RuhlDVD Review – To Be Takei